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Rally Behind The President To Succeed -NPP Communication Member

With just less than 18months to elections 2020 all political parties are seeking to unite the rank and file of their membership especially the disgruntled footsoldiers and those who felt left out in the corridors of power. In this regard a member of the communications team of the New Patriotic Party, Mr Prince Ishmael Dimah wrote to admonish fellow members. Find below:

Message to NPP fraternity

Pls Good morning everyone.

It appears that in few days now a lot of patriots are veering off from the strict purpose of this platform which is to communicate daily govt business, strategically plan,execute and achieve greatness for the New Patriotic Party. Many of you are forgetting that we have an agenda and our collective interest is #4More4Nana.

While we blame those in positions we must always ask ourselves if “I was in his shoes, what would I do?”. A lot of us have not been rewarded for our conscious efforts in winning 2016 but it doesn’t mean we castigate those who are in positions at the least opportunity. Let’s rally behind them,suggest corrective measures where they’re found lurking. I say this, I have never seen or read anywhere that a monument has ever been built for a cynic and/or critic .What make us heroes is our ideas for development. Therefore my fellow senior patriots,let’s support our leadership,those appointed. Let’s go to them behind close doors and suggest our ideas to them. For those who are not receptive,leave them,there’s a time for everything under the sun.


I conclude by saying this,always ask yourself; what can I do to support myself,my family, my party and my country? If we all find answers to these questions then we can quickly progress as a party. In less than 16months we are heading to the polls, but before the polls we will campaign. I encourage everyone to give off their best, it’s not about you enjoyed alone so go and campaign alone, it’s not about you failed to help me multiple times so I won’t go and vote or campaign, it’s not about you neglected me. It should be about whether if John Dramani Mahama and the NDC come power in 2020 you will have your peace. So let’s rally behind the President and one another and continue to keep faith that everyone will rewarded in due course.

God bless NPP
God bless the President
God bless Ghana.

Prince Ishmael Dimah (Gen. Dimah)





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