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Why ‘little kid’ SP needs to annihilate me – Colonel Kwadwo Damoah (Rtd.)

Colonel Kwadwo Damoah (Rtd.), the Commissioner of the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), has gone after the report by the Office of the Special Prosecutor embroiling his office in defilement related acts including Labianca Company Limited.

Colonel Kwadwo Damoah (Rtd.)


Depicting the report as ’empty’ and one that contains no substance while talking at a Customs Division Management Retreat in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region, the Commissioner of the Customs made sense of that, the reason for the OSP’s insightful report was on the grounds that he didn’t permit one Mr. Akrugu to be favored to the SP’s office.

He expressed that any endeavors by the Special Prosecutor to cut him down won’t work on the grounds that the Almighty God is his ally.

“Three days prior a report suspected to be coming from the Office of the Special Prosecutor attempting to arraign the Deputy Commissioner of Operations and myself [but] anyone who has perused that report will know the premise of that,” he said while tending to a few Senior Customs officials at the retreat.

“Furthermore, fortunately for Me, God is dependably my ally, before that report came, that individual had said something to certain individuals who had come to tell me [that] he [Special Prosecutor] planned to distribute (a report) that will dishonor me…

“I even sent individuals to proceed to let him know that he is a little child and I am more established than him, I have carried on with a significant life and in the event that he endeavors to obliterate me, it will not be simple for him. Individuals have attempted and I have made due and this one too I will endure it.”

In making sense of the hidden rubbing among him and the Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyabeng, Col. Damoah said:

“All that happened in light of the fact that he [Special Prosecutor] believed that Mr Akrugu should be backed to his office and I said ‘no’, Mr Akrugu is a traditions official, fundamentally utilized to accomplish customs work. Furthermore, he is to accomplice Mr. Akoto Fakyin in that office, Africa Continental Free Trade Area.

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“He [Akrugu] manages taxes and valuation and thusly, I can’t second him to the workplace of the Special Prosecutor since he plays an essential part to play in customs. And afterward he returns through the Commissioner General and again I said ‘I demand and we will go by that and he plays an essential part; it is the point at which I don’t play a part for him or I can get rid of his administration’s, (if) I have others to do how he is doing that I will give him to you.’

“Thus, I demand and he calls me to his office according to Labianca and toward its finish, he converses with me about this equivalent matter and I said, indeed, it isn’t the Commissioner General, I composed it (the refusal letter) proceed to check it and I have my reasons, he won’t be delivered to you; he will be in customs. And afterward he goes to leave, he is given the place of Commissioner of Police rank and he is currently in his office; and he goes to make charges that Mr Adukye and myself, we disdain him and they will manage us and that is all there is to it – that is the premise of that distribution.”

Colonel Damoah proceeded: “In the event that you read it quite well, there isn’t anything in it. It is empty and it is activated by vindictiveness and the individuals who are behind, they know themselves. They’ve attempted it a few times it isn’t working and they need [to obliterate me]; it won’t work. I’m prepared for any indictment, that is the thing you should do, not to say, assuming you really do facilitate examinations up to 2017. Up to 2015, I had borrowers composed by Deputy Commissioner, Sandra Agorhu allowing comparative things and I delivered them when he called me… this is normal practice in customs.

“If you have any desire to eliminate me, I have no issue, I will not be Commissioner of Customs always; I am all set yet don’t shame me, don’t take cover behind individuals for your own disappointments and ineptitude and manage me.

“… this is significant business, when you have an entire Commissioner and a delegate Commissioner being shamed along these lines and you have the help of individuals who figure they can accomplish things not by merit but rather by obliterating others, God is observing us all; you hold the Bible, you hold the cross, God is watching you. Also, I have forever been saying this; responsibility anticipates us all; we have responsibility on this planet and in the afterlife.

“In the event that you are behind it and you assume you need to annihilate Kwadwo Damoah, no. I need the best for Customs Division, I maintain that Custom Officers should be glad to take care of their business; it is just when they are glad that we will actually want to accomplish the objective… ”

Col. Damoah’s role in Labianca gate

A delegate Commissioner of Customs responsible for Operations, Joseph Adu Kyei, was refered to for giving unlawful traditions advance decision as indicated by the Special Prosecutor’s report.

This prompted the decrease of the upsides of planned imports between a scope of 5% and 10 percent beneath the benchmark values.

The decision was said to have been endorsed by Col. Damoah and didn’t seem to have been brought to the notification of the Commissioner-General, as indicated by the report.

The report additionally noticed that Col. Damoah “recognized the disingenuity of the result by conceding that the candidates didn’t meet the lawful prerequisites for the issuance of customs advance decision.”

However Col. Damoah moved away from the bad behavior, the Special Prosecutor found that he gave his “inferred endorsement”.

Why 'little kid' SP needs to annihilate me - Colonel Kwadwo Damoah (Rtd.)
Why ‘little kid’ SP needs to annihilate me – Colonel Kwadwo Damoah (Rtd.)

“To be sure, Mr. Adu Kyei’s choice could never have gotten by yet for Colonel (Rtd.) Damoah’s clear endorsement. The pitiful appearing recantation is miserably late and doesn’t vindicate Colonel (Rtd.) Damoah of extreme obligation regarding the clearly imagined choice,” the report showed.

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