Veera Episode 599–600 Update on Friday 25th August 2017

The Episode starts with Bansuri asking Balwant about Baldev. She says its bad for groom to go out after rituals are done. He asks her not to worry. Jaggi and Billa come and say we also don’t know about Baldev. Balwant calls Baldev and Ranvi takes the call. He cries and says Baldev ……. Balwant asks whats the matter, why are you sounding worried. Ranvi tells him everything. Balwant shouts Ranvi, are you in your senses, do you know what are you saying. Ranvi ends call and cries. Bansuri asks Balwant what happened. Baldev tells Rajveer that he did not do anything. Rajveer says all proofs are against you. Baldev says I went there and Nihaal was already wounded, I went to take help. Rajveer says you were silently leaving.

Baldev says I was worried, as I saw a dead bodyfor first time in my life, it was Nihaal Chachu whom I loved and respected so much. Rajveer asks about fighting with Nihaal. Baldev says I was mistaken that time. Rajveer says but no one saw your friendship with him, I heard Nihaal said you are not suitable for Veera. Baldev says that time I was angry and worried. He says it does not mean I will kill him, go and find the real culprit. Rajveer says no, its here in this room. Baldev says Nihaal messaged me and I went there, why will I kill him. Rajveer says any reason, he did not like your new business, and you did illegal work, else why would you go to meet him on your wedding day.

Baldev says Nihaal called me and said his life is in danger. Rajveer asks what did he say. Baldev says call ended. Rajveer says he has danger from you. Baldev says I did not kill him. The people talk about Nihaal and Baldev and talk about their fight. Ranvi hears the. Rajveer tells Ranvi that its good I reached there on time. Ranvi asks did Baldev really kill Nihaal, I can’t believe it. Rajveer says you should believe, he was there with the jack. Ranvi asks why did he do this. Rajveer says we will know, I feel he was running illegal work which Nihaal came to know.

Veera and everone are happy at home seeing Ratan wear the suit which Nihaal gifted. They tease her about Nihaal and dance. Ranvi comes home and sees them dancing and smiling. He says no one will come Veera, no baraat and no Nihaal Chachu. Chai ji asks what are you saying, its abshagun, what happened. Gunjan asks is everything fine. Ranvi says nothing can be fine now and cries. He says everything is finished. Ratan and Veera ask what happened. Ranvi says this marriage can’t happen, as police has arrested Baldev. They are shocked. Ranvi says on murder charges.

Veera moves back and stumbles. Ratan holds her. Gunjan cries and says Baldev can’t kill anyone, how can you tell this. Ranvi says he has killed and police caught him when he was running. Ratan asks how can Baldev kill anyone, whose murder? Ranvi hugs her and says Nihaal Chachu. They all are shocked. Ratan stumbles now and Chai ji holds her. They all cry. Gunjan says this is not right, Baldev can’t kill Nihaal, we all love him, Baldev also loves him, its lie. Ranvi says listen to me. Gunjan asks him to go and free Baldev.

She says Baldev is framed. Ranvi says Baldev did it, all proof is against him. Veera asks what proof, how can you say Baldev is culprit. Ranvi says as I m the witness of it. They are shocked yet another time. Ranvi says I was there when Baldev was standing near Nihaal’s dead body holding the murder weapon.

Balwant and Bansuri come to the police station and talks to Rajveer. Rajveer shows all the evidence against Baldev and says he has killed Nihaal. Balwant says Baldev can’t kill him. Rajveer says you always come here to free your son from jail giving his bail, how long will you protect him, his crime are getting serious. Balwant says I will save him, I know he can never kill anyone. They cry and say he is being framed, this proof is not solid. Rajveer gets angry and asks what proof they want. He says you are blind in your son’s love, you can’t see he is becoming criminal.

Bansuri says he is not criminal, he can never do this, where is he. She calls Baldev and asks where is he, I know they are trapping him. Balwant takes Bansuri. Jaggi and Billa ask Rajveer to make them meet Baldev. Rajveer scares them reminding about last time, and if he knows they are also involved, he will not leave them. He asks them to go. Bansuri cries and says my son can’t do this. Balwant hugs her. Jaggi and Billa look on. Bansuri asks him to free Baldev. He asks her to have patience, he will hire a lawyer. He says I know everything, and takes her home.

Veera and everyone are shocked. Chai ji says it maybe that Ranvi is mistaken. Ranvi says Rajveer told me Baldev is doing illegal work in transport and Nihaal explained him, and they fought. I thought Balddev changed, but he is still the same. They all cry. Ranvi says we know Baldev’s anger, we have lost Nihaal, Baldev has killed him, and I m the witness of all this. Chai ji hugs Ratan and pacifies her.

Veera meets Baldev in jail. Baldev says its all lie, I went there as Nihaal called me, I did not kill him. Ranvi takes Veera. Baldev asks Veera what should he think of her silence, will she leave him and go. Veera stops and looks at him..

The Episode starts with everyone crying thinking about Nihaal. Ratan says Nihaal messaged me that he is stuck in work and he will come soon. She says Ranvi is mistaken, Baldev will bring the baraat and Nihaal will come along. Chai ji holds her and says Nihaal is dead. Mahiya……………..plays……………. Chai ji says he did not see you in this clothes, he could not know that you are ready for marriage, that he got his love, he has died now. She hugs Ratan and cries. Veera says I want to meet Baldev. Rajveer takes Baldev’s phone and deletes message from Nihaal. Ranvi brings Veera there. He says she wants to meet Baldev. Rajveer says this is murder case and Baldev is not allowed to meet anyone. Ranvi folds hands and asks him to please allow her.

Rajveer agrees saying you are my friend. He asks them to come soon. Rajveer cleans Baldev’s phone and keeps it back by erasing his fingerprints. Baldev sees Ranvi bringing Veera. Mahiya…………………plays…………… He says thank Lord you came Veera. They are saying I killed Nihaal, I did not do this, I will tell everything, Nihaal called me and said his life is in danger and call ended, I got his message and I reached there to help him, but he was killed before I went, and don’t know how my jeep jack was there, I did not kill Nihaal. She looks at him. He says I m being framed, Rajveer is framing me, trust me, I did not kill anyone. She stays silent and takes off her hands from his hands. Baldev asks why is she not saying anything.

Ranvi says what will she say, I have seen you holding the jack and running away. Baldev says no Veera, trust me, its all cheat, I went there when Nihaal called me, I did not kill him. He swears on her head and Ranvi scolds him asking him not to lie. He takes Veera. Baldev shouts Veera, do you think I can do this, what should I understand by your silence, you will also leave me. Veera stops and looks at him. She sees the blood marks on his clothes. He asks will you also leave me and go. She says Baldev, I will never leave you. Mahiya……………plays…………….. Veera goes with Ranvi. Rajveer stops Ranvi and asks him to leave Veera alone for some time.

He says it was her marriage today and she came to know her to be husband is Nihaal’s murderer, her heart is broken. Ranvi says you are right, we should give some time to her. Ratan cries and thinks about Nihaal. She sees his pic and recalls his proposal. She recalls some moments and laughs. Chai ji gets worried for her. She asks her to cry enough. Ratan says Veera’s pain is more than me, where is she. Veera walks in the pind, and people talk about Baldev’s anger. They say Baldev has ruined Veera’s life, he has fought with Nihaal before.

Veera comes to the polyhouse and thinks about Baldev and her moments. Mahiya……………plays……………… She cries. Balwant thinks about Baldev and says no, he can’t do this. He cries and says my Baldev has changed, he became responsible. He thinks about Baldev scolding Nihaal. He says did he get angry and hit Nihaal. Bansuri cries and asks him to free Baldev. He says he is my son too, I m trying my best, I spoke to four lawyers, they are saying its tough to free Baldev, all proof is against him. She says Baldev can’t do this, he respected Nihaal. He says but he fought twice with Nihaal, don’t know what will happen. She says my Baldev can’t do this, I m sure of this, I know him very well.

She says spend money and get my son back. He says its not about money, there is a witness too and he is our son in law Ranvi. Ranvi comes home and sees decorations. He recalls everyone’s happiness. Jaggi and Billa come to Veera and say we heart Baldev can be jailed for years by Ranvi’s statement, but we know Baldev is innocent, but Ranvi will not believe this. They say Rajveer has done this, you did not trust Baldev last time, trust him this time, talk to Ranvi and ask him not to ruin Baldev’s life. They cry and ask her to save Baldev.

Gunjan asks Veera where is she going. Veera says I m going to meet Baldev, don’t know how is he.

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