Russia said it had sent revenue installments due on its dollar bonds for handling on Wednesday yet it couldn’t ensure financial backers would get the money, leaving the country near the precarious edge of its first obligation default beginning around 1998. Financial backers were anticipating $117mn in coupon installments on […]

As indicated by a new report from the BBC, Russia needs to pronounce previous Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych as the new head of Ukraine, the Ukrayinska Pravda news and investigation site has detailed, citing Ukrainian insight. Yanukovych was expelled during against government fights in 2013-14 and is currently in Minsk, […]

A video has surfaced via web-based media that sees the late organizer of Synagogue Church of All Nations Prophet T.B Joshua forecasting regarding the nation Russia. Russia has for the past five(5) days been in the news following their assault on Ukraine following the last’s choice to join NATO. This […]

Viktor Yanukovych was chosen leader of Ukraine in 2010. The West (the United States and the European Union) were not satisfied with the occasions since they thought about the new president as being excessively near Russia. Ukraine had an international alliance with the EU in progress before Yanukovych’s triumph. In […]

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