A Vote For Stephen Ayesu Ntim Is An Empowerment To The Grassroots Members of The Party – Dominic Boateng

A Vote For Stephen Ayesu Ntim Is An Empowerment To The Grassroots Members of The Party – Dominic Boateng

Vote For Stephen Ayesu Ntim

By Dominic Boateng, Effiduase Asokore Constituency

Party works, have always been voluntarily and as such, the faithfuls within the party are usually rewarded according to their hard work, long service,loyalty and dedication whenever one intends to occupy a position in the party in which he or she has served. It cuts across all political parties. This has always been the source of motivation to the teeming grassroots who toil days and nights in ensuring their various political parties win power.

The situation whereby the highest bidder is usually rewarded at the expense of those who have dedicated all their lives to serving any political party only weakens structures as well as discourage the less privileged ones who sacrifice for their party.

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The time is now here once again for the NPP to choose leaders who shall steer the affairs of this great party. Notable among these key positions in the national chairmanship position.

Delegates are now faced with the choice of either rewarding loyalty, long service and dedication or rewarding the highest bidder.

Mr Stephen Ayesu Ntim is the Best Among All Those Vying For The Chairmanship Position, I bear the Testimony – A Longest Serving Constituency Executive

I am by this medium appealing to all delegates to consider the supreme interest of the party first by rewarding loyalty, long service, persistence, Consistency and dedication by Voting For Chairman Stephen Ayesu Ntim as the next Chairman of Our Party.

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Stephen Ayesu Ntim
Stephen Ayesu Ntim


Anyone voted into office shall serve and go but the party will be there forever. Let’s not forget, posterity never disappoints.

Indeed, God’s Time Is the best Ampa, I choose Stephen Ayesu Ntim as the next National Chairman because there is a Job to be done to break the Eight(8) not just a position to be occupied.

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