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At all historical juncture women from all tribes of Ghana have immensely showed Commitment, love and care to their partners and to the nations development.

“Npaninfo se, s3 wopamo aboa na s3 woaya noa, na wose nehu kankan” Prophet Badu Kobi ghanaian women do not know your experience with other women in your life and how bad they have treated you.
Again, we do not know where and when you made your research to have come out with such an unscrupulous outcome.

But Ghanaians both men and women do not accept such an ethnocentric statements from you.
(Never again).

Prophet Badu Kobi it is very unfortunate to have allowed yourself for such an unguided words to come out from you, vis a vis preaching to Christians listening to the word of God.

As a prophet of God, Ghanaian expect your words, attitudes and actions to demonstrate traits that reflect the character of Christ. Even Jesus Christ had an intrinsic value and respect for women. (John 8, 7-12).

As a prophet of God, we also presume you preach on issues of sin, repentance, forgiveness and love and so on . Words that will encourage people especially the young men and women to avoid fornication to make heaven than these your ethnocentrism statements that can break marriages and the consequences women and children in the country will suffer the most.

They say its a woman that gives birth to a king, prophet Badu, please if not for anything please appreciate your wife and mother for carrying you in the womb and choose right words carefully when describing any woman, because it takes courage, kindness and love to have given birth to you and your children..
No women in Ghana is foolish or doormat but we (Ghanaian women) are taught to be loving and compassionate

As for the Ashanti women you said you had time to research about us over the years, prophet am sorry to tell you, perhaps you had your methodology and hypothesis all wrong, i, Maame Yaa Fosuah can confidently tell you that Ashanti women are directly opposite you research findings.
(We are proud “Ashantefuo Maa, Naa Oseitu nana ne yen”. Besides we are descendants of Yaa Ashantewaa so we are born confident.

Aside we being beautiful and confident, the Ashanti women are also very hard working and industrious, we partner with men who can keep up with that. We need someone who also works hard because as much as we are capable of achieving alone, we thrives when we have support. so, if we as women are working hard for our breakthrough how than do we allow own man partners to be lazy.

We are smart and Innovative as well, Ashanti women always want to makes an effort to learn something new, to improve her herself and impact the people around her especially her mother we appreciate motherhood).

Lastly we are passionate and emotional, we are not discriminately in terms of love. We accept and love everybody equally. We can feed and cloth strangers we don’t know ans that is how the Ashanti woman are trained…

Real men do appreciate and value how Ghanaian women are trained from home and of us are real wives and partners. Please let love and adore the women in our lives because behind every successful Ghanaian man the is a woman.

Writer Comfort Darbo, Assemblywoman/ CEO WomensVoice.

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