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Remember when Ace Ankomah said that criticising the president is not a crime?

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For disrespecting the president of the republic, various people have been the target of arrests or other disciplinary measures on numerous occasions throughout Ghana’s history.

Lawyer Ace Anan Ankomah


One such incident happened in September 2017 when Frank Kwaku Appiah, alias Appiah Stadium, a well-known serial caller for the opposition National Democratic Congress, was detained for referring to the president as a “little smoker.”

His detention by the police sparked a public discussion in which various justifications and viewpoints for and against it were expressed.

Ace Ananan Ankomah, a private attorney, was one of those who spoke in favour of Appiah Stadium.

Ace Ankomah emphasised that Appiah Stadium did not offend anyone by disrespecting the president while labelling the political activist’s statement as incorrect.

He supported his claim with passages from the 1992 Constitution, which he claimed did not define such behaviours as objectionable, in a Facebook post.

Below, you can read the entire article that GhanaWeb published on September 27, 2017:

Attorney Ace Anan Ankomah has refuted claims that it is illegal to insult the president in accordance with local laws.

He explains that while some behaviours, like insulting presidents, are bad, they cannot be classified as crimes that need the involvement of law enforcement.

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