Parents need to protect the innocence of their children always

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Nana Ama Asantewaa Kwarko writes…..

Parents need to protect the innocence of their children always.
Some people would have gone very far in life if their parents had not exposed them consciously or unconsciously to the prickly pears living among us in their early ages.
How some parents allow all sorts of awfulness around their children is beyond me.
Your child gets an “A” in a course and you place calls to tell everybody. Maame, adɛn na wootɔn wo ba no saaa?

Your child gains admission to university and you place calls to inform even your ancestors.
Papa, Wo nkoaaa na woba ɛɛkɔ university? Oxford foɔ mpo aka wɔn ano ato mu!!!

Why are you exposing your child like that? Do you think everybody around you is happy for your child’s success? Remember whatever you allow to happen to your child will definitely come back to you.

Well, it takes a village to raise a child. I agree. What if the river in the village is poisoned? Would you allow your child to drink from that river?
Children need to be given the best start in life without being weighed down with extra baggage.

Be a helicopter parent to your child and stop exposing him or her to invisible and visible enemies.
Even hens protect their chicks with their wings!!!
Nkwadaa no abrɛ mo!!!
Moama mo mma no brɛ dodo!!!

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