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Hon Hadji Mustaphar Writes ………….✍🏽

My inspiration from the Bible book of *Psalms 23* where it says in the good books

*”As we walk through the valley and shadow of [mess by this NPP led Administration], We shall fear no [change]. [Change] will restore our hopes and [confidence as Ghanaians]. [Change] will lead us in the path of righteousness for his name sake [JDM]. Thou prepares a table before us in the presences of our enemies.”*

Comrades the change must happen and it must start from within. There isn’t enough time….. Now’s the Time!

Comrades! Let not issues of yesterday take up too much of today because we have learned much more from our mishaps and failure than from our success and that’s the best thing to do Comrades!

When ever we are working on something we really care about, we don’t have to be pushed before….

Like the brave leader of ancient Israel, Joshua said, As for me, I love the NDC and will stand and defend my party even if I have to pay a price so expensive and make a sacrifice so precious!
All we need to do Comrades, is to work hard than sit home and be reduced to our limitations.

NDC Members Will Even Blame Akufo-Addo If They Can’t Satisfy Their Wives In Bed – Sam Pyne

Let’s all reject those who will disrespect us by trying to buy our votes just so that they could lead us.

Comrades!, let us reject those who have no message which will help in the much needed transformation of our very lives today and of that of generations unborn.

Comrades! Let us reject those that I call “Aliens”, yes, “Aliens” who pup up only when leadership opportunities are ripe.

Those whose wicked, selfish and diabolic agenda brought us into opposition. These are those who kept 2016 campaign materials untill now that they have started a redistribution of them!

They have nothing better for you and me and humanity.

I wish all you “faithful” aspirants of the great NDC the very best of luck.

Long live Ghana
Long live the NDC
Long live JDM


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