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Them Market south Municipal of the Oti region has now been turned to a public toilet where people go to make their selves free.

Speaking in an interview with Kingsley Sachapou, Oti regional correspondent,the market women made it known that, the Municipal Assembly has promised them a toilet facility which they built to an extend and left uncompleted and this is making it difficult for them, anytime they comes to market and want to make their selves free.

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They added that, because the facility is not ready for use, people hide to free their selves in the uncompleted building and other areas of the market that they found convenient anytime they are press which according to them is not helping them since they sell food stuffs for human consumption.

Some vow that, apart from the feaces, they come to see bloods on their tables which is not speaking well of the people of Nkwanta and if care is not taking the market could fall.

They concluded by calking the Municipal Assembly to come to their aid to help them complete the facility and also give them security personnel’s to take care of the market and by these,people who do such things will be prevented from entering the market at night.

Report filed by Kingsley Sachapou, Oti regional correspondent.
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