N/R:Dagbon endorses the three eminent chiefs road-map to peace

Sons and daughters of the Dagbon feuding factions (Andani/Abudu) has today established their ecstasy on the final road-map of the protracted chieftaincy dispute.

Youth leaders of the two feuding factions who have inconclusive battled for their personnel interest for about sixteen years, this morning embarked on a unity walk through some principal streets of Tamale and displayed their inclination to give peace a chance in Dagbon.

Reporting to NorthernWebGh.com during the unity walk, Ibrahim Nurudeen of Atinka Tv/fm said the atmosphere was cordial and historic. He said women, and the teaming youth of Dagbon participated.

According to him the walk was destined to signal that the youth and elders of Dagbon are satisfy with the final road-map of the three eminent chiefs mediating in the chieftaincy dispute.

He said the demonstrators during the coloring exercise praised the three eminent chiefs namely the overlord of the Ashanti kingdom, Asantehene, Yagbonwura and the overlord of the Mamprugu traditional area, Naa-Yiri for settling the aged chieftaincy impasse.

According to him the youth urged government to remain resolute and firm in the implementation of the road-map without fear or favor, and that they are in full support of the performance of the two funerals, and the onward selection of new Yaa-Naa.

Conveners of the unity walk, Dagbon Malime Zugu(DAMAZ) addressed the gathering at the Jubilee park, and plainly indicated that enough of Abudu and Andani.

Chaiman for the group, Alhaji Baako Jagbo applauded traditional rulers of Dagbon for reasoning with the three eminent chiefs, ‘We are happy that the two factions have decided, with the Otumfuo-led committee to end the Abudu/Andani fracas’

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‘We are happy that generations upon generations would celebrate this epoch as the turning point of Dagbon. We are happy that we now have the leverage to go on with our businesses’.

He stated emphatically that the days of guns are completely over, and that wind of peace and harmony would soon cloud Dagbon and Northern region at large.

‘Let us take this opportunity to applaud our fathers and royals for their decision to end the Abudu/Andani impasses. We would equally like to take this opportunity to call on our fathers to do more. If there are still issues that are not in tandem with Dagbon customs, let our revered royals use their wisdom, and we trust their wisdom, to do indoor jawjaw. We believe that the final roadmap to must be accepted as the final way to go’.

Alhaji Jagbo made a passionate appealed to the traditional rulers of Dagbon, to call on the youth to cooperate with REGSEC in ensuring peace before, during and after the funerals of the late overlords.

He further assured the regional Security Council Dagbon youth commitment to the road map, and however advised the security to deal decisively with any youth who may want to destabilize the peace of Dagbon.

‘We would appeal to the Abudu gate and Andani gate to respect the terms of the final roadmap to peace. Let the students, women, children, aged, vulnerable, and business men and women in Dagbon have a full assurance of hope and prosperity. All our ancestors, from Na-Gbewa through Na-Mahamadu IV and Na Yakubu Andani II must all have rest now, Dagbon must reawake from its long slumber’.

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Source : NorthernWeb

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