Mahama has found his calling – NPP UK Branch Organiser

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Technical skills and the ability to use a tool is great for nation building according to Kwame Boateng the NPP UK Branch Organiser.

The former President John Mahama should be encouraged in his new found vocational skill.
He has finally found his calling in weeding.
This is specialist skill that should be encouraged and a business created out of it would help the former President John Mahama to earn a living in retirement.

I will plead with the Minister of Water and Sanitation to also award the street sweeping of the Bole township to Mr Mahama as the saying goes “Charity begins at home”

This is a man who nearly collapsed the country for lack of economic understanding both as Vice President when he was the head of economic planning committee and as President.

If Former President Mahama had enjoyed his position as President and applied himself with the same dedication exhibited at weeding, I strongly believe that he would not have handed the management of Ghana’s economy to the IMF.

He clearly demonstrated his incompetence and exhibited gross mismanagement in all sectors of governance.

As President of the country, he had the chance to appoint a Minister at the Ministry of Environment, to weed the whole country if he so wished!!! Instead, he appointed 3 incompetent persons to the post, which as a result, led to the worst cholera outbreak the nation has seen since the 1980s.

A former president seeking for another term to correct his incompetent deeds cannot be seen partaking in such comic acts.

Ghana as a nation has come a long way to be distracted by individuals such as Mr John Mahama.

From his track record, Mahama has no vision, ideas and the know-how to manage a table top corner shop, let alone a country and his 6 years in office is a testament to that.

However I strongly believe that he has a God given talent in weeding that we should encourage so he can develop in that field.

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