Italian Bride Episode 70 Update on Monday 29th May 2017

Eloisa gives her conditions for Firoella to return in her house. Pedro feels she is blackmailing him. Eloisa doesn’t care she will only accept Fiorella back in the house if he marries Aitana. Pedro refuses; Eloisa tells him his engagement with Aitana is convenient for the family and the company. Gael continues to console Gianna; he wants her to strong and promises to inform Eloisa about his feeling for her. They start kissing, Roxana interrupts them, she and Gianna again. Roxana decides to yell Eloisa’s name and tells her about the kiss. Gael tries to make her stop, Roxana continue with her rude behavior, Gianna decides to leave.

 Aitana enters Fiorella’s room; Fiorella assures her nothing happen and begs her to speak to Eloisa. Aitana tells her she already told Pedro she won’t speak to Eloisa about the sauna. She came to remind her Pedro is her boyfriend and they she is going to marry him. Gianna decides to water the flowers for the last time before she lives the ranch.

Gael joins her and consoles her, he asks her not to worry. She will always be on his mind and his heart and they kiss. Pedro enters Fiorella’s room; he tells her he could not convince his grandmother. Fiorella thought as much, Pedro wants to know what she is going to do. Fiorella has already spoken to Vittorio and he agreed to let them stay with him. She and Gianna will be sleeping in one room so nothing will happen with Vittorio. Pedro begs her not to; Fiorella reminds him they will soon get married.

Pedro has another idea, he asks her to run away with him, Fiorella can’t because of Gianna. He tells her Fidel will come back for her later, Fiorella can’t leave her sister behind. Knock knock, Vittorio enters and sees them together in the bedroom. He pays no attention to Pedro and asks his fiancée if she is ready to leave.

Dante informs Eloisa about Vittorio’s presence in the ranch. Eloisa feels bad that Fiorella is leaving, she admit she is not a bad woman. But she has to let her go because she can no longer control what is going on between Pedro and Fiorella. The employees say their goodbye in tears; Fidel and the gardener are also present. Benito assures them they will never be alone and they all hug.

Bentio and Gael argue over who should carry Gianna’s suitcase to the car. The three vouchers; Sonia, Roxana and Frederica are also present to see their enemy finally leave the ranch. Fiorella gives a piece paper to Pedro, but before she can say something Vittorio joins htem. Fiorella thanks him for everything, Pedro asks Vittorio to take good care of her.

Pedro opens the paper and it is the ring he gave her. Vittorio leads the Italians to their bedroom; he arranged the room when they were coming from Italy. Vittorio won’t ask her why she was fire because it is late. However he wants an explanation first thing in the morning. Pedro calls Fiorella to check on her, she tells him she could not sleep. Fiorella is worried about Gianna’s health. She fears her heart won’t adapt to the new environment.

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Pedro and Fiorella have a romantic time on the phone. “I just love Simonetta” she served breakfast to the Angeles clan in tears. Fiorella becomes the topic at breakfast; Pedro refuses to join them for breakfast. Eloisa informs Osvaldo about Aitana working at the company, well Osvaldo has no objection.

He feels she can replace Sonia; Sonia has no intention to stop working because she is pregnant. She reminds her husband being pregnant doesn’t make her invalid. Eloisa agrees with Sonia, Frederica wonders what position Aitana will occupy in the office. Eloisa will decide on her own, after all she owe no one an explanation especially Frederica. Fidel feels the house won’t be the same without the Italians.

Even the plants are sad says the gardener. Benito starts to speak ill of the Angeles, Evil Dante shows up and hears him. He tells Benito not to question his employers’ decision; if Eloisa fired Fiorella she has her reasons. Speaking of the Italians, they are finally awake; Fiorella has never slept till this late. Vittorio interrupts their conversation, with their breakfast. The girls are happy when they see the Italian breakfast.

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