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The former NDC MP for Amenfi West constituency, and now the administrator for GIFEC, Mr. Kofi Asante who once disappointed his constituents by resigning from parliamentary as NDC MP to join the Democratic Freedom Party and later joining the NPP has threatened to defect back to the NDC if the President does not appoint him a minister. He made this known to some members of the NPP upon hearing the intended ministerial reshuffle by the President.
According to our sources close to Mr. Asante, he has been promised a ministerial position by the President in any reshuffle that will take place in his government. For him, his current position as the administrator for GIFEC is just a stepping stone for him to prepare himself for the ministerial position.
Our sources further indicate that, Mr. Asante has sworn heaven and earth to go back to his root (NDC) if this promise to him by the President is not fulfilled. Moreover, pressure is mounting on him because he is going round the constituency promising polling station executives that he has been promised a ministerial appointment. Our checks at the seat of government (flagstaff house) reveals contrary. The appointing authorities are not help and they claim his appointing as GIFEC boss was by mistake, and in they are waiting on him to reach his retirement age next year to terminate his appointment.
The members he made this declaration to were not surprise to hear this from Mr. Asante because for them, when they trace the historical antecedents of Mr Kofi Asante, he has never been faithful to one political party, he switches camps so easily and he usually resigns from one position to another at the snap of the finger. Whiles some are utterly shocked, others are befuddled whereas some even don’t know what to make out of his flick. By this action, kofi Asante will himself grave harm than good. His political credibility, like Alhaji Inusah, would be severely punctured.
Speaking to this noble platform, some of the members made it known that Mr Asante, then a teacher in Kumasi was hand picked by the NDC in 1993 to represent them as the DCE for the then Amenfi West District. In 1996, he contested as an MP on the ticket of the NDC and won.In 2001, he was re-elected to parliament but later resigned in 2003. He then joined the Democratic Freedom Party after his resignation from the NDC. Mr. Asante again, defected from the DFP to join the NPP in 2007. When NPP lost power in 2009, he took up appointment as an administrator at the Ghana Telecom University. When he got a good offer in Nigeria, he again resigned from Ghana Telecom University and took up appointment as the personal Secretary to the renowned Prophet TB Joshua. When NPP won elections in 2016, Mr. Kofi Asante again resigned as the personal Secretary to Prophet TB Joshua to take up a new appointment as the administrator for GIFEC.
The NPP members said that defecting back to NDC would not be a problem for Mr Kofi Asante because he knows NDC better and his past records of easily defecting to three different political parties is evidential for everyone to know. When we contacted the NPP hierarchy, it was confirmed that the aforementioned threat by Mr. Kofi Asante has been received. The party hierarchy considers him as a frustrated being that has nothing meaningful to offer the great elephant party (NPP).

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