How pastor revealed a spiritual plot to wipe out Oteele’s family

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Popular actor Stephen Mawunyo better known as Oteele and his family have got Pastor Prince Elisha Osei to thank for their lives after a revelation by the Man of God is said to have redeemed them from a spiritual attack.

The Papa Kumasi Series star and his family were destined to die over an alleged “sin” of the comic actor.

In a video circulating on social media, the pastor and founder of Power Embassy International is seen ministering to the actor the cause of the bad omen.

Per the revelation of the pastor,

failed to marry an actress he had an amorous relationship with despite promising to take her to the alter.

The said woman, in a bid to pay him back, planned to spiritually attack and wipe out the family of the actor, including him (Oteele).

The Man of God further explained that the said actress was actually an evil spirit who intended to kill Oteele after his promise of marrying her did not yield.

“I want to pray for you. Anybody with a third eye would know that you will die in a very short time. The day you got married was the day your death certificate was signed in the spiritual realm. You promised a girl you will marry her but you did not,” the pastor said.

Oteele confirmed the words of the pastor, and according to him, the lady was displeased that he married someone else instead of her and even threatened him.

“Indeed, I promised a lady who was also acting that I would marry her but I did not. Instead, intended to marry another woman, who is now my wife. The lady called me after my wedding invitations were out, and asked why I did not marry her. I cut the line and blocked her number. She said I should give her GHc20,000 to console her else something would happen to me,” he said.

Watch the video below:


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