Hon. Akosua Frema Osei- Opare, the Chief of Staff is a woman with an incredible strength and grace who understands the value of mentoring

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Hon. Akosua Frema Osei- Opare, the Chief of Staff is a woman with an incredible strength and grace who understands the value of mentoring


The Young African Women Congress (YAWC) has organised to celebrate the Chief of Staff, Hon. Akosua Frema Osei- Opare of the Office of the President, as a Model African Woman of the Year 2019, under the theme; “Grassroots Mobilization for Women’s Empowerment: Young Women Lead”

Hon. Frema Osei Opera is a woman with an incredible strength and grace, understands the value for mentoring. She warmly and willingly support anybody who seeks for her help.

On the personal note, Maa Frema provided advise and financial support when i was contesting as an assembly member again, provided a great offer to a young teenage mother i discovered at the Nkrumah Circle in the Capital of Accra, Ghana who had no shelter, husband or any medical care although she was heavily pregnant. Gracefully the now chief of staff saved the lives of this young mother and her baby.

Ghanaians are proud of you, both the young and the old, men and women celebrate and honor your generousity and selfless leadership towards the development of this great nation Ghana.
Some of us who take personal interest in women and children related issues will continue to stand and advocate for the vulnerable in our society and in the world.

Mother, like they say, it becomes a greater responsibility on ones shoulder when an authority is assign unto you. “Npaninfo) se, s3 y3de gya woa, na y3dia soa wo”
With this your high office women and the future generation of this country plead with you to use your office to facilitate the passage of the Affirmative Action Bill into a Law.

The First Lady of the Republic, Mrs. Rebecca Akufo Addo cannot be left out from the campaign to pass the Affirmative Action bill into Law because of her passionate contribution for women’s development.

The Affirmative Action Bill has suffered a number of setbacks for about 10 years now. The bill is supposed to increase the participation of women in decision making.
It provides for a 40 percent representation and participation of women in governance, public positions of power and decision making.

The bill also proposes that anyone who insults a woman just because she is vying for public office should be liable for prosecution.
For instance, Clause 38 of the draft bill says that: “A person who victimises, obstructs or exerts undue influence and submits a female politician to verbal attack, among others, commits an offense.

The president, H.E Nana Addo Dankwa through the ministry of Gender launched ‘HeforShe’, an initiative to push for Parliament to pass the Bill,
Women in Ghana and Africa Union (AU) will indeed crown you the true Gender Champion when you foster the passage of the AFFIRMATIVE ACTION BILL INTO LAW.

Writer; Comfort Darbo (😂assemblywoman and women’s advocate)

History on Affirmative Action.



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