Good news for Menzgold clients as NAM1 reveals when monies would be paid

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The embattled CEO of Menzgold Company Limited, Nana Appiah Mensah, has revealed that the company is getting ready to pay customers soon. According to him, Menzgold is “preparing actively” to settle all customers. In the post sighted by, NAM1 warned some people he described as “Demagogues” not to muddy the waters as he prepares to pay.

NAM1 revealed that these demagogues were spreading false information via widely circulated voice messages about Menzgold.

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He thus urged his clients to ignore the voice message and anticipate the payment coming from the company.

However, NAM1’s message seems to have fallen on the bad nerves of his customers. Some of them are angry that his saying Menzgold customers would be paid “soon” is a cliché. Kemm, for instance, said NAM1 should be specific with the payment date:

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kemm17: “Everyday payment will start soon soon is relative be specific.” A very incensed Osei called NAM1 a scammer:

osei_pabloesco: “Scammer nie!! Ponzi scheme baako p3 He’s trying to start so he can use new fool’s money to pay the old fools.. Ghanafuo agyimi roff!!”

Leroy said NAM1 was wasting time:

leroy_chronixx: “Do wild den giv we wanna monies.” Aafia said she has had enough of NAM1’s words:

aafia6: “Enough of yr words.” Quags said many people were dying and NAM1 needs to be fast about the payment:


Kiddy wondered if a tortoise was transporting the money because it was keeping too long:

kiddyz8: “This money is on the back of a tortoise! Dabiaa enam kwanso nanso em3duru da!.” There are many of such messages which show how Ghanaians are very much displeased with the way NAM1 is treating this whole issue.

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