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Ghana’s vanquishing legends should be commended for their lively presentation in Abuja

Maybe it was written in the stars that Ghana would meet all requirements for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Maybe it was destined that this country which focuses intensely on football would be reestablished to the greatest football contest on earth to the detriment of Nigeria. Maybe the stars have aligned just right from the start.

Ghana's conquering heroes deserve to be celebrated for their spirited display in Abuja
Ghana’s vanquishing legends should be commended for their lively presentation in Abuja

Ghana’s overcoming legends should be commended for their vivacious presentation in Abuja

Two months sooner, when the Black Stars bit the dust in the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon, fingers were critically pointed, fault was allotted, confidence in the group was totally lost.

Negative words were composed and verbally expressed. Various players were singled out and killed. Stunning accounts of division and disunity in the Black Stars camp were told and retold. Abruptly, everything and anything concerning the Black Stars became harmful and undesirable and polluted.


It was for this very explanation that when the Black Stars were matched with the Super Eagles in the last phase of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers, numerous Nigerians welcomed the news with enchant.

All things considered, their Super Eagles had played astoundingly well at the AFCON however for an appalling game in the last-16 against Tunisia which saw them rashly bow out. Also, their best player wasn’t even with them in Cameroon. Picture a Nigeria with Victor Osimhen and without misfortune. Picture what they could do.

Thus when Nigeria’s Sports Minister, Sunday Akin Dare, in his perfectly squeezed dark suit and red tie, talked about “giving a thumping to the sh*t” out of Ghana on record, following a smidgen of pomposity and pretentiousness in his tone and mannerism was conceivable. Perhaps obscure to Sunday Dare, football has never been a game played with bombastic and meaningless remarks.

In any case, all things being equal, the troublesome demonstration of 22 gifted individuals kicking a round object around. Little did Sunday Dare had at least some idea that disregarding the nine assailants named in Nigeria’s crew list for this twofold header, not one would figure out how to view as the rear of the net more than 180 minutes of depleting football.

Ghana's vanquishing legends should be commended for their lively presentation in Abuja
Ghana’s vanquishing legends should be commended for their lively presentation in Abuja

In Kumasi, Ghana and Nigeria played out an engaging goalless draw. The tie was as yet open, still uncertain. Yet, here in Moshood Abiola, before Thomas Partey has scored and happened to fiercely celebrate, before a 60,000-limit arena has fallen dead quiet and quiet, trust and certainty are at a pinnacle.

Nigerians had shut right on time from work on Tuesday evening to fill Moshood Abiola to the edge. The objective was to make a scary climate for the guests, yet additionally to rouse their neighborhood legends.

What happens when you’re tossed into a lair of antagonistic clamors and unpleasant signals and reprimanding looks? What happens when the strain to perform is at its most elevated and the tide is blowing vigorously against you? Most would break under tension. Most would basically pass out. Yet, not Thomas Partey.

Positively not this gathering of versatile Ghanaian players. Thus with just ten minutes in, Thomas Partey gathers the ball at the edge of the punishment region and shoots goalward. It’s 1-0! It’s only aggravation for the home group.

Now it merits inquiring: who really do individuals say Thomas Partey is? Armory fans say he’s their new Patrick Vieira. Truth tellers say he’s one of three top cautious midfielders in the English Premier League. Yet, who do Ghanaians say he is? For our purposes, Thomas Partey is basically our encouraging sign, our wellspring of pride, our sparkling star, our unmistakable advantage.

After a short time, Nigeria levels through William Troost-Ekong. Half-opportunity arrives and goes. Also, following two hours of playing the final part, the match clock peruses 57:47. There are over 30 minutes actually left to play, but each second is starting to feel like 60 minutes, every moment like forever.

At the point when the middle arbitrator finished this round of high feelings, Wollacott couldn’t keep down the tears. A couple of Ghanaian players sank to their knees and shouted and expressed words into the thick air. Others stumbled into the pitch to heartily embrace their kindred colleagues.

In the interim, back home in Ghana, the party had previously started. Vehicle horns were the new drums. The drinking spots were cheerfully really gotten started. The cleave bars loaded up with ravenous and happy men. The roads of Accra were fixed with shirtless youngsters waving the Ghana banner and shouting words and more words. With a little karma, with a little insight, Otto Addo’s Black Stars won. These players have done the country glad. Also, in the event that you think playing in the World Cup is definitely not no joking matter, stand by till you don’t play in it. For the time being, they remain our new and vanquishing legends.


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