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Home » Local News » Evangelist Kwame Addai is a wife beater – Uncle-in-law

Evangelist Kwame Addai is a wife beater – Uncle-in-law

The uncle-in-law of the notorious social media ‘evangelist’, Emmanuel Kwame Addai has revealed to Kofi Adomah that he beats his wife most of the times and that nearly collapsed the marriage.

Throwing more light on why he maltreats a wife who he has three daughters with — he revealed that, his wife complained of certain songs he plays in the house she believed to be a dedication to marine spirits(Mami wata), which Addai didn’t take it lightly and that resulted in beatings.

According to his wife’s uncle, he settled their differences but in the absence of Addai’s father—who failed to attend that meeting —because he said Addai doesn’t listen to his advice anymore.

“His wife told him (Addai) to apologise to me which he did. Because of the beatings, his wife moved in to stay with me but after the issue was settled, he was called to come for his wife, which he came to move her back to his house”.The uncle-in-law stated

He added that it was after he settled their differences, Evangelist Addai went on to disgrace and accused him of being an Illuminati and an adulterer.

The uncle-in-law also said people should not see him as a man of God and he cleared the air on whether he is a lunatic or not — which he stated categorically that, Evangelist Addai is of a sound mind — not a madman but sane and knows what he is doing.

The uncle-in-law shockingly revealed that Evangelist Addai is only 29 years old and doesn’t understand why —as young as he is — and is able to disgrace prominent people in that magnitude.

He also made another shocking revelation on how he was informed by neighbours of the house Kwame Addai and his niece are staying in Ohio, USA that, the house is possessed by some evil spirits.

He added, one of Addai’s neighbours had told him that, before they (Addai and wife) moved in, no one has been able to stay in that particular house for more than 2years because it is filled with evil spirits.

“I was told by the neighbours of where Addai and my niece are staying that two people(children) had even hanged themselves in that same house”.The uncle-in-law revealed to Kofi TV.

Kofi Adomah Nwanwani of Adom FM intends to drag Evangelist Addai to court after the ‘evangelist’ accused him of killing Ama Martha for a sacrifice.


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