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Hon Hadji Mustaphar……✍️.

Once again am back with the spirit of timbuktu to speak TRUTH to POWER and to resist the oppressor’s rule.

Due to the abysmal performance which is evident to all about the current Nana Addo Dankwa, Bawumia led administration,
the NPP have become arrogant due to their deficiency in all aspects of intellectual debate about the current state of this country( GHANA).

The president, his ministers and all those who matter in decision making in their party are so arrogant about their failure,making it look like they are doing Ghanaians a favour.

In this country we have an administration that is decorated with Failure yet see themselves as the best with arrogance and impunity.

Gross incompetence and inpunity all over this administration has blinded them from the current reality and challenges facing the good people of Ghana.


In this country,we don’t only have bad leaders but also bad followers and as a nation we have become so devided than ever before, this administration promised us unity and prosperity but they failed.Today,the only option they have is to push through tribal lines so they can divide us more and rule us.
This administration promised to create millions of jobs but have failed.
They promised to build Ghana in 18 months that’s also a FALUIRE.
They told us the dollar and fuel will be arrested and stable but have failed woefully.

Today ever: ‘Akufo-Addo is second best president ever, Mahama 4th’ – Ghanaian Soldier who battled in WWII
Today our economy is in distress and all local and foreign authorities and institutions in whom the current government used their findings and ratings to compaign are no more credible to them.

This current President is the most excused president in the world, he has done almost 2 years out of his second term but still blames the previous administration of his inability to succeed.

When you begin to defend people who refuse to accept their failure,you begin to behave like a failure yourself,that’s why today in this country of ours you can see learned and very intelligent people coming to defend the president begin to behave as failures and lose credibility in the society who once held them in high esteem.

The coming of Nana Addo as our president is a big lesson to us Ghanaians.
President Nana Addo Dankwa begged for position with alluring promises and now he is president and we have seen failure accompanied by arrogance.

I pray to the almighty Allah to keep him safe and protect him till the end of his term so that it will be in the history of this country that we have hyped and produced the worse president in the history of this nation called Ghana.

Until we the youths of this country stand for the future of this country,our descendants and generation will suffer the failures of our current leaders in not too long a distance.

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