GFA EXCO Aspirant Samuel Anim Addo Calls On Corporate Bodies And Government Investment In Football Activities

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The Chief Executive Officer CEO for Young Apostles FC and an aspiring for Ghana Football Association Executive Council slot Sammy Anim Addo has called on corporate bodies and government to support sporting activities in the country.

Sammy Anim Addo

The seasoned administrative kingpin rallied for massive investment from the corporate world ahead of a new era of football after the massive investigation into Ghana Football.

Many a fan and followers of the game have lost interest in the brand of Ghana football after the damning revelation from the image denting investigation from Anas Aremeyaw.

“This is the greatest opportunities we have to position ourselves to get Government and Cooperate bodies support. Cooperate Ghana spoke about our game after Number 12 video, Government of Ghana did not allow FIFA to ban us, it tells you that government’s has interest in our game”.

We need to develop a policy documents to Parliamentary Select Committee on Youth and Sports, let government know our contributions to GDP, we can easily lobby government through the Parliamentary Selecting Committee on Youth for Parliament to pass a law that, all the Muti-Nationals who are exporting our natural resources, their social responsibility budget which is compulsory budget for them to give back to society, they should invest it into our game. We can also tell government that, if you do all these things for us, we can also pay some particular taxes on our players transfer we do”, Sammy Anim Addo told

“For instance, when you go to Nigeria, the state sponsors the clubs, some are even been payed by the state. But if you expect only the private person to pay everything, then you are only expecting the private person to get revenues from the transfers because the match attentence at the stadium can’t guarantee us even our economy is also another problem.

In England, if a players Salaries, is $100, 000 they pay taxes about $49,000 because the state is putting monies in the game.
Let’s make sure we get the government on board and also be transparent. We need to disclose the amount involved when we signed a contract but if we fail to disclose the amount involved, how do you expect other sponsors to come on board. This has been a major problem to the previous administration”.

Story By Richard Achore

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