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The current administration when in opposition seemed to know the economy more than the administration in power.

Today what have changed?
They paraded the length and breath of the entire country with series of economic lectures of hope and a better managers of the economy if given the mandate. but since they assumed power what do we see? Every ordinary Ghanaian have lost hope in this current administration.
This country is heading towards economic disaster unless miracle from God or a rescuer. (JDM)
The board of Bank of Ghana must be dissolved with immidiate effect
The core mandate of Bank of Ghana is to advice government over monetary polices that will negatively affect the Cedis against it’s major trading currencies.
The newly Committee formed ( FX committee) taking over the core job of Bank of Ghana.
Just look at the colossal number, 40 members.

Where is Bawumia? He knows the problem of the Cedis even before they took over governance.

Why committee?
Has bank of Ghana and its managers fail the nation 🤔 or the economic team headed by the all knowing Bawumia failed his party.
Or this is another double track economic team. Which one is Gold and which one is green?

We have alot of experts at the Bank of Ghana, the vice president is the head of economic management commitee
The ministry of finance have all the expertise .
Bawumia gave lectures across this country and receives standing innovation when he was in opposition so what has change today?
2014 Bawumia lectured at UCC, he traced and told us how and where the problem is and gave us solution so why can’t he solve the problem since he is now directly in charge of the team.
Talkg talking without any solution =Economic rehetorics 🤦🏼‍♂
These were deception lectures because he wanted power and this is where we are today.
This is what the president said in 1st May 2014 at about 8:51am exately
“The current depreciation of the Ghana Cedis against the US dollar is because of bad leadership we should not be where we are today to buy dollar for 3.72, vote for change”.

This current government have really deceived Ghanaians for power and now we are in serious economic crises.
The finance team are cooking figures to add up the books meanwhile those figures don’t reflect the current happinings in the country.

Our Economic guru, the Veep, has this to say on the 25th march 2014 time 17:33 exactly.
” The question we should all ask ourselves is how can any country expect its currency to be stable after this economic outcome? The depreciation of the Cedis that we are observing is the result of the weak fundamentals of the economy. There is no mystery here at the heart of the problem is the lack of fiscal and monetary discipline. In fact virtually all the episodes of Cedis depreciation since independence can be traced to this issue of fiscal and monetary indiscipline”. Restoring the value of the Cedis lecture
So what have change Dr Bawumia?
There is No short cut to power because if the fandamentals are weak, the exchange rate will expose you.

✍🏽.. Hon Hadji mustapahar

(Member of national ZONGO caucus working committee)

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