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The Forbidden Truth about E-Levy – ” We shall all suffer the implications


In a rather rough note, The NPP Mps, ‘Jubilee House Monarch’ plus few HUNGRY statemen have successfully corroborated and colluded with some paid media houses to pass the E-Levy bill into law.

After Ghanaians fought the policy , for over 6 months now. President Nana Addo has defied wise counsel as revealed by former finance minister , Dr. Kwabena Dufour and eventually assented to the passage of the bill into law on 30th March,2022 at the seat of government.

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It is really shocking but doesn’t surprise the likes of us since The NPP praise singers have for sometime now blame the country’s economic woes on the non passage of the controversial Levy.

Indeed the finance minister , during a presentation over the Levy said it will accrued amount of about ghc6.9billion to enable government carried out its developmental policies and programs, in the last tenure of both President Akufo Addo and the NPP party in government in 2025 respectively.

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It is worth noting comrades that , the 8th parliament under 4th republic of the country have witnessed very bizarre happenings and systemic failures under the reign of a very tyrant leader like President Nana Addo.

Infact , this year’s state of the nation address in parliament has been the worse of it kind. Many people have attributed the present negative economic growth as very abysmal and demotivating to especially investors who want to do business with the state in future.

For example how much is a gallon or litre of patrol. Ghc 11 per litre , isn’t.

What about charcoal almost ghc90 a bag.

Prices of Gas for domestic usages also increase to about 7%

According to the Ghana statistical service , general prices of goods , I mean food stuffs went up by 4.6 % in just February pricing window.

We are being told by sachet water manufacturers, that a bag of pure water has gone up and now being sold at ghc8.

Cost of utility bills have been increased by some margins in the first quarter of 2022.

Deep throat information also has it that pharmacist who sells at the counter will from henceforth charge consultation fees… Really.


Indeed so well meaning Ghanaians can the E-Levy be a panacea to all these economic challenges?

The prices of Everything have gone up in the country except that of the already meagre salaries by public sector workers.

In Ghana today the government can no longer go to IMF or the world bank. And the reason is simple. Akufo Addo has borrowed and the country owed its debtors over a homongous amount of money to over ¢354.9billion such if they should attempt to go to the international monetary fund , they will suffer strict conditionalities.

And to the likes of Ken Ofori Atta , and his cohorts the only way to escape the IMF and other donor funds is to craft a policy as the E Levy and burden Ghanaians with it.

If indeed ghc6.9billion is the magic wand to bring the needed improvements in the lives of the masses, well we live to see.

But for the 30.8 million Ghanaians, like myself who feel strongly oppose to this very bill , let brace up for more hardships in the economy.

The year 2024 present yet an opportunity for Ghanaians to trust the destiny of the country into the hands of Former President John Mahama to bring back the lost hope and aspirations which have elluded the sovereignty of the nation since the period Nana Addo took power from the NDC on January 7th, 2017.

Signed: Hon Hadji Mustaphar , Incoming Constituency Communication Officer For Dome Kwabenya on the ticket of the NDC.
0248003664 /0505759315

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