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The vice President Alhaji Dr Mahmoud Bawumia has told Ghanaians during an economic lecture held today at the Pentecost convention center conferencetc center at cape coast in the central region, that the NPP government is on course to see to the welfare of Ghanaians due to the robustness in the economy post covid 19 pandemic.

A key observation which preceded this very forum was the furore on the E Levy Policy, which Dr. Bawumia failed to outshine his critics on.

Dear Comrades , like we are all aware of the series of intellectual dishonesty which characterize such deliveries of the Veep during previous forums. The kind of blatant lies exhibited today , didn’t surprise me.

As usual he was seen in his comfort zone, running down the performance of the NDC whilst in government, and extolling the virtues of Nana Addo and himself.

Hon Mustapha Hadji

Dr Bawumia made a very wired comparison between 6 years of the NPP in government and 8 years of Late Mills – Mahama regime.

Similarly he chronicled some achievements by President Akufo Addo and stated that since the inception of multi party democracy in the country, no political party has been able to meet the aspirations of the people of Ghana, except the NPP.

Folks this is highly unfair and unjust statement to have come from any sitting Veep under the 4th republic.

The forum as witnessed was full of praise singers and avowed followers of Dr Bawumia who are more or less leading and championing the candidacy of the Veep Bawumia to lead the NPP after President Nana Addo’s tenure expires in January 2025.

For want of a better expression, let me borrow the preamble “fellow Ghanaians to begin the next paragraph of the write up.

As I watched keenly the Veep on the podium, what struck me the most was his desire to whistle down the efforts of even Ghana’s forebears in their struggle for sound economic footing. And to I think the vice president hit below the belt.

He also rundown virtually every economic gains chalked by former President John Dramami Mahama.

Mr. Bawumia echoed that, the previous NDC government accrued a lot of revenue three times what the NPP have today, but did nothing to improve the economic growth of the country.

He praised the NPP government economic recovery post covid 19 and said is the best so far.

The vice president also mentioned that both micro and macro economic indicators are showing positive signals of good prospects.

Though he consistently refused to credit Mr. John Mahama for the kind of solid fundamentals he rolled out in the economy before leaving office. It was clear from the details in the forum that, all the informations were full recycled data from previous encounters and as such there was absolutely nothing new.

Furthermore, the lectures highlighted issues which have been raised and self addressed by Dr Enerst Addison, of the Bank of Ghana, Finance Minister , Ken Ofori Atta and president Nana Addo during the SONA address held.

I was shocked to the marrow when he mentioned that, Ghana is amongst few countries which was able to provide enhanced covid 19 mitigative measures since 2020 March. And this for was overblown and exaggerated.

It has emerged that, Government have made or siphon state resources into private pockets / accounts since the inception of the pandemic. And recently many donor funding have revealing documents showing collusion in government over the fight against the disease. So what was Dr Bawumia talking about ?

Where did the over $530million world bank Money went to.

What about all the expose’ in the procurement infractions of Sputnik V by Health Minister Kwaku Agyeman Manu?

And the over ghc17 billion which a foreign company; Frontline health services at the KIA took away?

How about using ghc27billion to clean up only about 7 banks, as part of the so called financial sector clean up?

Dr Bawumia talked about government having achieved a zero fiscal disciplined and credited his government for blocking the financial loopholes.

But in any case has the missing ghc12billion per the auditor general report been found?

Did I also hear Dr Bawumia talking about government using scarce means to develop the country compared to the NDC in government. Really?

President Nana Addo met a country with a National Total Debt Stock of about ghc 122billion, and just in 5 years debt is swallowing the country to the tune of about ghc350billion without corresponding growth rates in the economy.

Shockingly all most every woes in this government is attributed by to the ravages of covid 19 pandemic and the Russia – Ukraine war.

He did not also left out on the fact that, the recent scuffles and brawls in parliament between the NPP group and that of the NDC have reduce investor confidence in the business community.

The Forbidden Truth about E-Levy – ” We shall all suffer the implications

He chastised the NDC for given negative outlooks in the country, especially on the existing economic data to the international community.

Dr Bawumia touts the digitize transformation agenda of the government and observed that, Ghanaians are witnessing a new paradym shift in Mobile money intraoperability for the first time in the history of the Country.

But hey least I forget. How build the National Data Center ? Former Present John Mahama or President Nana Addo ?

Is the country seeing the kind of facelifts in its digital platform only under this government or it took the tireless efforts of the previous NDC administration?

Mr. Bawumia as usual was full of propaganda and lies to cover up for his failures in government as head of the economic management team who sit in cabinet meetings to account for happenings in the economy.

For Dr Bawumia has lost touch and value in events as what we saw today at cape coast. He has lost relevance in delivering such speeches after he gone silent on matters in the economy and decided to speak on the country’s digitalization drive.

Mr. Vice president struggled to give credits even for project and pro poor initiatives which defy the signature of his boss Nana Addo , but yet he bluntly took credit for them.

From the books, historical economic datas have exposed The NPPs so called economic Wizkid. And the earlier he appreciate the reality, the better.

By Hadji Mustaphar Incoming Constituency Communication officer for Dome Kwabenya Constituency.
0248003664 /0505759315

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