Doom For Wassa Amenfi West

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Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and University of Ghana Survey: Abraham Kofi Asante worse candidate for NPP in Wassa Amenfi West Constituency.
This paper has intercepted a nationwide survey conducted by the two renowned bodies (Economist Intelligence Unit and University of Ghana) for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for the one hundred six (106) orphan constituencies across the country. The NPP is much interested in winning the Wassa Amenfi West constituency for the first time. The report has predicted doom for the former Member of Parliament for that constituency on National Democratic Congress (NDC) ticket, Mr Abraham Kofi Asante, who resigned from parliament on the 26th March 2003.
Currently, the seat is occupied by the NDC (Mr Eric Afful), and there are five (5) aspirants who are vying to represent the NPP in the 2020 general elections. They include; Mr Abraham Kofi Asante (Former NDC MP), Lawyer Paul Dekyi (Former Parliamentary Candidate for NPP), Mr Ernest Abekah Aidoo (A secondary school Teacher and government appointee at the assembly), Mr. Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa (A Businessman) and Dr Joseph Kwadwo Danquah (A lecturer at the University of Bradford – UK). The report chronicled the strength and weakness of these aspirants. The report was commissioned by the party’s hierarchy.
Based on the SWOT analysis used by these two bodies, Mr Abraham Kofi Asante is the worse candidate that NPP would wish select to represent them come 2020 and also caution the party hierarchy to do everything possible to prevent him from winning the primaries. The report indicates that the NDC has a dossier on him and even within the constituency many NPP members would vote skirt and blouse. His loyalty among party members is being questioned. The report highlighted that “no one will pay heed to his admonitions anymore, for who knows when he will defect again. It is always difficult working with people like Mr Abraham Kofi Asante. Such persons always flinch and run whenever they see a wall gecko. There are problems everywhere, problems in government, problems in institutions, problems in the family and problems with oneself, but then it takes a man to face up to such troubles and surmount them. People like Kofi Asante lack the guts to face up to problems and are always running, and they will run for the rest of their lives”. Moreover, it indicated that in the history of the fourth parliament, nobody had won the seat for any political party by crossing carpet to another party. It observed that in the history of elections in Ghana it was highly plausible for a candidate to contest and win as an independent candidate (after resigning from the former party).
With Lawyer Paul Dekyi (Former Parliamentary Candidate), the report highlighted that his fortunes within the constituency are dwindling and there is no way he can win the seat for the party. Moreover, most of the constituents feel that the party did not treat him well and he deserves something better than NABCO regional boss. His sympathisers are much concerned about his wellbeing and willing to work for him but winning the seat goes beyond party faithful. If he wins the primaries, the party needs to work extra hard to win the seat since his popularity had gone down, especially amongst the rural folks.
Of Mr Ernest Abekah Aidoo, the report says “His leadership style at the Catholic Hospital and Asankrangwa Secondary Technical School is well known among some spheres of the rural folks. However, he has limited resources to help him win the seat for the party.
According to the survey, the EIU and University of Ghana put both Mr Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa and Dr Joseph Kwadwo Danquah as the men to win the seat for NPP come 2020 general elections. The survey, however, said with a bit of push, that the NPP could snatch the seat from NDC if any of the two aspirants wins the primaries. The UK University lecturer (Dr Joseph Kwadwo Danquah) could use his credentials to wow voters and also outwit Mr Eric Afful. Mr Afrifa has the financial muscle and also his organisational skills could work the magic for the party.
The confidential report indicated that depending on the outcome of the primaries, Mr Kofi Asante is the worse candidate that NPP could present for the 2020 general election. The report also cautions that Municipal Chief Executive (MCE). Mr George Agyiri’s attitude is not helping the party within the constituency. The report cast doubt on his leadership style because he has successfully created a system of “divide and rule” tactics and this has created a deep seated friction among the party executives. The MCE has also declared his support for Mr Kofi Asante; this tendency is weakening the party’s structure in the constituency.
The report categorically states that the party must avoid the candidature of Mr Kofi Asante. It again, admonishes the MCE to change his leadership style, and he should try to involve party executives in his dealings in the constituency. The survey further indicated the likelihood of NPP winning the seat in 2020 if either Dr Joseph kwadwo Danquah (the UK University lecturer) or Ignatius Kwesi Afrifa wins the primaries.
As filling this report, the paper contacted both the national and regional executive on their opinion of the report, but both declined to comment.

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