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A leaked report details 70 years of gross sexual abuse within the German Catholic church. The 350-page report highlights close to 4,000 cases of sexual abuse perpetrated by Catholic priests against minors. The report was due to be released later this month but was leaked on Wednesday to Der Spiegel and Die Zeit. According to German researchers, the extent of sexual abuse carried on by ...

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Louvre Abu Dhabi delays unveiling of Leonardo’s Salvator Mundi

The Louvre in Abu Dhabi has postponed indefinitely the unveiling of Salvator Mundi – the world’s most expensive painting believed to be the work of Leonardo da Vinci. The museum has not given a reason for the delay. The portrait of Jesus Christ was bought last November in New York for a record $450m (£341m) after a fierce bidding war. The ...

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Syria Idlib: Trump warns of ‘grave humanitarian mistake’

US President Donald Trump has warned the Syrian government and its Russian and Iranian allies against “recklessly” attacking rebel-held Idlib province. In a tweet he warned of “a grave humanitarian mistake” in which hundreds of thousands of people could be killed. Syrian government forces are said to be preparing a huge offensive on the last major rebel stronghold in the ...

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New Trump attack against Attorney General Jeff Sessions

US President Donald Trump has accused Attorney General Jeff Sessions of damaging the midterm re-election chances of two Republican members of Congress by prosecuting them. Mr Trump wrote on Twitter that the justice department’s decision to file charges put “easy wins now in doubt”. Both men are key Trump supporters. One is accused of insider trading and the other of ...

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African students bring “rape, murder” and are “human trash”, claim Israeli residents

Students from various African countries were kicked out of an Israeli town after residents called them “animals, rapists, human trash.” Anti-African racism is at an all-time high in Israel. Students from various African countries who were part of an Israeli government program to study agriculture have been kicked out of the Israeli town of Avshalom, after locals claimed they would ...

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Japan’s first woman fighter pilot to blaze a trail in skies

A Japanese woman will be flying through the glass ceiling as she becomes her country’s first female fighter pilot. First Lieutenant Misa Matsushima, 26, will begin duty on Friday having completed her training to fly F-15s, Japan’s military has announced. “As the first female (fighter) pilot, I will open the way,” she told reporters. Japan’s air force began recruiting women ...

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Amazon warehouse staff defend retailer on Twitter

A small group of American Amazon employees is being paid to defend and promote the company on Twitter. A total of 16 accounts have been found on Twitter, written by staff who have worked at the retailer’s warehouses. Called “FC ambassadors”, the workers have most often responded to tweets critical of Amazon’s working practices. Amazon said the accounts were run ...

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Government given two weeks to respond to Brexit legal challenge

Government lawyers have been given a two-week deadline to respond to the latest legal challenge over the legitimacy of the Brexit vote. A judicial review has been launched by the UK in EU Challenge group, which represents Britons living in France, Italy and Spain. It argues that the Electoral Commission’s findings on BeLeave and Vote Leave, which resulted in two officials being reported to ...

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England and Wales see fewest prosecutions since records began

The number of prosecutions in England and Wales has reached a record low despite an increase in recorded crime overall, according to Ministry of Justice figures. The data showed 1.61 million people were either prosecuted or given an “out-of-court disposal” in the year ending March 2018, a fall of 7% and the lowest number since records began in 1970. Out-of-court ...

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The Oldest Airlines in the World That Are Still Flying Today

Not so long after the Wright brothers’ first flight on the beaches of Kitty Hawk in 1903, commercial airlines began forming around the world. The very first would be over 100 years old now — if they were still around. However, there are some airlines still flying today that are well into their 90s and going strong. Pinpointing which airlines ...

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