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Kumkum Bhagya Episode 1031 Update on Thursday 29th March 2018- Pragya tries to romance with Abhi surprising him while the song is played.

The Episode starts with Munni thinking what to do to stay away from Pragya’s husband. Abhi asks why she is staying far from him and says if she will tell she is Munni. Munni says she needs water and takes glass. Abhi comes closer to her. She makes water fall on him and then asks him to go and change ...

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Gangaa Update on Wednesday 28th March 2018- This girl (Ganga) is my biggest enemy

Madhvi calls Sagar to pack his bags. Ganga tells Madhvi that she is leaving for school. Principal is coming for Inspection. Madhvi goes to bring lunch for Ganga while Ganga sets Sagar’s bag. Sagar asks her about the Inspection. You call yourself smart. You couldn’t give answer to the riddle yester night. Do you even know what happens in the ...

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Kundali Bhagya Episode 84 Update on Wednesday 28th March 2018- Shrishti asks Prithvi why is he in a hurry to marry Preeta?

Kareena greets Sherlin happily as she arrives. She tells Sherlin about a breaking news; Preeta is going to get away from her life soon. Her marriage has been fixed. Sherlin smirks recalling Prithvi’s promise. Sherlin says she prayed to God and was answered. She then thinks she can easily fool Kareena; determined not to lose Preeta as well. Rishab comes ...

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Kumkum Bhagya Episode 1030 Update on Wednesday 28th March 2018- Aaliya tells Tanu that they will take Munni as Pragya as per their plan

The Episode starts with Munni telling Aaliya that she started feeling pain again and goes to washroom. Pragya is there and they hug each other. Pragya tells her that she left kids in her friend’s house. Munni thanks her. Pragya says we have to do same thing in different way. She shares her plan. Aaliya asks her to come out ...

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Kundali Bhagya Episode 83 Update on Tuesday 27th March 2018 – Shrishti asks Preeta what if she finds out that Karan loves her in her mandap. Preeta replies she will leave everything and go to him.

Sarla was preparing for the lunch and sends Janki to wake Preeta and Shrishti. There is a door bell, and Prithvi and mother arrive. Sarla hurries to wake the girls up, Preeta was ready and wakes Shrishti by taking Sameer’s name. When the girls have joined, Prithvi’s mother says there Pandit agreed to the proposal at once but wants them ...

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