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The Atwima Nwabiagya North constituency of the ruling New Patriotic Party(NPP), has suspended three of it’s executives at Atwima Koforidua on what they described as harassment and hooting of the Member of Parliament, Hon Benito Owusu Bio.

They are, Kwabena Owusu Denkyira(Amando), Youth Organizer at Atwima Koforidua L/A Middle School, Prince Boakye, Organizer at Atwima Koforidua CAC “A” and Prince Adu Gyamfi, Organizer at Koforidua Market Square “B”.

According to a letter signed by the constituency secretary, Isaac K Dawuni on 29th November, 2019, these executives have been suspended with immediate effect from misconduct until clearance by the Constituency Disciplinary Committee.

On 2nd December, 2019 after the suspension of these executives, another letter signed by the Constituency Disciplinary Committee secretary, Mr Stephen Amankwa was sent to them(suspended executives), inviting them to appear before the Committee to answer charges of harassment and hooting of the Member of Parliament, Hon Benito Owusu Bio leveled against them.

Member of Parliament for Atwima Nwabiagya North, on Sunday 24th November, 2019 received a treatment he will never forget for the rest of his life as he was embarrassed by the youth of Atwima Koforidua in the Atwima Nwabiagya North constituency.

The deputy minister on Lands and Natural Resources was in the community to cut sod for the construction of a new police station but unfortunately for him, met with hooting amidst chanting “Away!”.

In a 2 minutes 16 seconds(2:16) video going vira, the angry youths were heard in the background saying that the legislator has been in Parliament for 20 years but has done nothing for his constituents.

The reason for their disappointment in the Member of Parliament is that, Hon Benito Owusu Bio only visit them during elections with various forms of promises.

None of his promises have been fulfilled, according to a voice in the background in the video.

The video captured a large crowd shouting and chanting in local dilect, “Benito Yebetu wo” (Benito we will vote you out)

Responding to the allegations against him in a 2 minutes 25 seconds video, one of the suspended executives, Kwabena Owusu Denkyira(Amando) said he was no where near where the incident occurred on that Sunday.

In the video, Kwame Owusu Denkyira expressed worry over the constituency executives have taken the party as their property and running their own affairs.

How can you suspend me, without inviting me to hear my side of the allegations against me, and the day you invite me to appear before the Disciplinary Committee?

You have already judged me and so there is no need to appear before the Committee, he argued.

Hon Owusu Bio’s chances of retaining his Parliamentary seat come 2020 elections is likely to suffer a defeat consequent to what many have identified as his prolonged failure in expediting action needed to address pressing challenges suffocating people in his constituency.

The member of Parliament is reported to have given a number of assurances at public gatherings but none of them have been fulfilled.

The Member of Parliament, since assumption of office for almost twenty years cannot point a single project in the district as his initiative, according to a voice in the video.

For most of the angry youth who are warming up to vote Hon Owusu Bio out of power come 2020 general elections, the long stay of the MP in office has yielded no benefit to the district.

You can call Kwabena Owusu Denkyira for further explanation on;


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