Anyidoho mocks Prof Martey over vigilante groups comment

The Deputy General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Koku Anyidoho has mocked the immediate past Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Prof. Emmanuel Martey over his comments on the activities of vigilante groups.

The fierce critic of the former Moderator, questioned if Prof. Martey’s toothache was gone before commenting on the activities of political party vigilante groups.

The former Moderator speaking on the matter said President Akufo-Addo has no excuse in cracking the whip on the menace.

“These violent vigilante groups with their unorthodox modus operandum have a severe dent on the democratic credentials of our country and the earlier the government puts a halt to this national shame and put damage control strategies in place, the better for our democracy. “Ghanaians are watching.

Yes, you came in less than three months ago but Ghanaians are watching, minimise your mistakes. Violence is violence no matter who commits it.
Violence is violence no matter who perpetuates it and it must be condemned in no uncertain terms. Ghana must not be taken years or decades back.

We must move rather forward into freedom and justice, progress and development to bring into fruition , the vision of our political forbears.’’ But commenting on the issue, Koku Anyidoho asked: Has his toothache stopped? I heard he was suffering from ‘kaka’, is the ‘kaka’ now gone? ‘’Prof.

Martey is now saying that the president should arrest the situation because it is shameful. If the so-called wise men had come out to slam the unfortunate situation, maybe we would not have reached this point.

I am only making a proverbial statement, if the so-called wise men had come out to condemn the attack without leaving it toAnyidoho the unwise men, we would not have reached this point.’’


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