Anger over detention of Nigerian journalist

Anger over detention of Nigerian journalist

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Nigeria’s state security service says it is still detaining journalist Omoyele Sowore – who is facing treason charges – despite him being granted bail, because nobody came to claim him.

But Sahara Reporters, the news website Mr Sowore founded, reported that his lawyers were denied access when attempting to collect him.

Mr Sowore was arrested in August after calling for a revolution.

The arrest has sparked a public outcry against the intelligence service.

Mr Sowore was also a presidential candidate in the February 2019 election.

An activist and journalist who lives in the US, he has been charged with treason, money laundering and “cyberstalking” for allegedly sharing false and insulting information about President Muhammadu Buhari, who won a second term at the elections.

Is he free to leave jail on bail?

According to security service, known as the Department of State Services (DSS) – yes.

In a statement on Friday, the DSS said it had received a court order for the release of Mr Sowore, but nobody had come to claim him.

“It is important that the public notes that since the receipt of the Order, no person has turned up at the DSS to take delivery of him. This becomes imperative for reasons of accountability,” it said.

But Sahara Reporters have disputed this, stating that Mr Sowore’s lawyers were blocked when they attempted to collect him.

“On Saturday morning, lawyers and activists stormed the facility to take Sowore home but were met with stiff resistance by operatives, who said they had no clearance to let him go,” it reported.

There has been widespread criticism of the DSS on social media over the case.

“This is a joke! Just open your damn gate DSS. He will go home or let me call UBER to pick him!” wrote one Twitter user.


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