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Taking alcohol is not sin – Rev Owusu Bempa


Kofi Jumah puts forth defense against Christians not drinking alcohol

Owusu Bempah recognizes drinking alcohol and boozing

Owusu Bempah urges drinking Christians to be capable

The organizer and head of Glorious Word and Power Ministry International, Reverend Isaac Owusu Bempah, has illustrated a qualification between drinking liquor and becoming inebriated.

As indicated by the congregation chief, though the Bible isn’t against Christians taking cocktails, the holy book advises drinking.

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“Let us get straight to the point about the differentiation between drinking liquor and drinking. Whenever you liquor from liquor utilization the inconsistent conduct you are probably going to show is something that doesn’t satisfy God. Be that as it may, when you drink and you are not getting yourself drink, it’s not possible for anyone to stop you or blame you for erring,” he expressed in a meeting on Okay FM’s Ade Akye Abia morning show.

Fire up. Bempah was answering an articulation made by the Chief Executive of GIHOC Distilleries, Maxwell Kofi Jumah who had expressed before on the demonstrate the way that one couldn’t really be Christian and not take in liquor.

Taking alcohol is not sin - Rev Owusu Bempa
Taking alcohol is not sin – Rev Owusu Bempa

“No Christian can guarantee the individual doesn’t drink liquor. He (Jesus) didn’t say you ought to drink and alcohol yet drink to recollect him,” Mr Jumah expressed.

Avowing Mr Jumah’s situation on Christians drinking liquor not being a wrongdoing, Rev. Bempah said “When you read the holy book you understand Jesus didn’t sentence liquor when he came to earth. Since at a wedding he petitioned God for water to transform into wine, it was not Fanta or Coke.”

“Assuming somebody says it is off-base to liquor from drinking liquor I comprehend. Yet, I disagree with whoever says drinking liquor is a wrongdoing. For me Owusu Bempah it is difficult to see me liquor from drinking or see me drinking by any stretch of the imagination. It is extremely hard. I could do without it however it doesn’t mean I will pass judgment on somebody who drinks liquor,” he added.

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