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Hon Hadji mustaphar write A letter to the OAU

Africa the richest and most vibrant continent on earth is fast becoming a failed continent.

Lost opportunities , lost hope and testing grounds for all kinds of science discoveries and medical experiments .
Africa has all the resources yet the poorest continent because of poor leadership, greed and hypocrisy.
Organization of African Unity( OAU) is become a toothless bull dog just like the leaders themselves. They speak their mind but they can’t take action.
A continent divided on its own and ruled indirectly by the west why ?
what Nkrumah long for saw as


Because we don’t sing the same song as Africans . We have banks we do not own.
We have curriculum we never wrote , Educational system that never matches our culture, norms and values.
We have political parties that don’t serve our own interest but the wish and caprices of the western world.

We have been divided across borders and boundaries which makes it impossible to travel to other African Countries without visa yet we believe in the various unions.
African democracy is a cripple child on a wheel chair without hope nor future .
We claim to be sovereign nations but yet not free because our economy , Education , health and technology are all controlled by the west.

Africa is indirectly being colonised the 400 years of slavery is not enough for the west to let us be on our own. They rule Africa from afar after our leaders have been indoctrinated and brain washed with western education and culture , they become their puppies.
When they are sick , they travel to the west for treatment.

They have made Africans believe their black colour is inferior thus anything produced or manufacture by a black man or an African is inferior or fake

The problem of Africa today is leadership
Our leaders are being trained by the west before they come back to Africa they lose their sense of Petrotism , culture values ,African accent and the love for their continent ( Africa ).

They make new friends and families from the west. When they have the chance to rule us they take instructions from the. West , take loans and grants from the west. help the west rule and steal our mineral resources all in the name of helping us progress and develop which they define it as democracy.

Africa must wake up

We train our children with the western system , our Laws , our political system have no will to empower our locals
How long will Africa keep sleeping .
Africa is slowly sinking into a deep ocean to the point of no return by our own politicians .

Why can’t Africa, own its own bank or financial system
More than 68years of democracy Africa is nothing much to write home about
With All this great leaders yet we are where we are because of the western interferences.

Africa must devise their own politics, education, culture, language, religious and financial systems .

For that is the only sure way the continent can stand on its own feet.
To eradicate poverty and disease is when we rise as a continent on our own .


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