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B/R:  Dormaa East DCE Fingered In Shaddy Procurement Deal



Dorma East District Assembly led by Mr. Emmanuel Kofi Agyeman in the Bono Region of Ghana has been cited for procurement breaches amounting to corruption. The Agyeman led Assembly violated Section 20 of the Public Procurement (Amendment) Act ,2016 (Act 914), according to the Report of the Auditor General on The Accounts of District Assemblies for The Financial Year Ended 2019.


The provisions of this Act requires that quotations from at least three different sources that should not be related in terms of ownership, shareholding or directorship be sought during tendering and bidding processes but Management of Dorma East District Assembly, led by the supposed Man of God, Mr. Emmanuel Kofi Aggyeman outsourced part of the Assembly’s revenue collection to Messrs Fairlift Enterprise Limited for a commission of 30% through single source without seeking for quotation from other alternative and prospective service providers or at best ,approval from Public Procurement Authority.


It is alleged that the owner of Messrs Fairlift Enterprise and the DCE are a long-time close friend from the region way back before becoming DCE of the Assembly. It is on record that Mr Aggyeman was a merchant for MTN Mobile Money Services in Sunyani prior to his assumption of the party Chairmanship position of Dorma East Constituency of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP). The hail and chatty days of both owners of Fairlift and Aggyeman was at its peak when his intention to the Assembly’s number 1 slot was intensified. It is alleged that the owner of Fairlift Entreprise had contributed to Agyeman’s becoming DCE and so observers have the feeling that this is the time to pay back a friend, hence the rush in single sourcing and imposition of the services of Fairlift Enterprise.

These revelations by the Report have come as a shock to Staff and members of the Assembly considering, how sacrosanct Mr Aggeman leads daily morning devotions of the Assembly and subsequently preaches against immoral and corrupt acts. Some staff are asking if it’s a case of ‘preaching virtue and practicing vice’?

These irregularities, according to the report, happened between May and July 2019.This paper cited cheque number 001578 with PV number 17/17 an amount of GHC 13,705.71of revenue collected as of 30th July 2019.A commission of GHC 4,11.71 was paid to Messer Fairlift Enterprise, best friend of Mr Agyeman. Another payment of GHC 10,937.90 was collected and GHC 3,281.37 was paid as commission from cheque number 001378 on the 9th May 2019.


The report further stated that ‘weak internal control procedure over procurement process has denied the assembly the opportunity to benefit from value for money’. The report is urging the Assembly to open tenders for competitive bidding instead of the ‘Friends and Family’ type of administration of the Holier-than-though Agyeman led assembly’s ways of procurement procedures which is against the Public Procurement Act ,2016 (Act 914).

When this paper visited the district for the impressions of the general public, most citizens seem not surprised about the conduct of the assembly. They were of the opinion that the DCE who is always professing God is allegedly a first-class elite corrupt entity par excellence, more than any of the DCEs they have had in times past. The difference in this is his God’s factor which he uses to confuse everyone.


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