Martha Kwayie Manu Is Divisive: Don’t Appoint Her – NPP Group In Juaboso


Is Divisive: Don’t Appoint Her – NPP Group In Juaboso

We the grassroot members of our beloved Party in the Juaboso Constituency is appealing to H. E. President Akufo-Addo not to re – instate Martha Kwayie as our DCE or be appointed under your stewardship because she is devisive, autocratic, and lacks vision that will translate into victory in 2024.

First and foremost, her poor relationship with party members through her divide and rule tactics evidently showed in the 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections results. In 2016,through; unity and hardwork we managed to push her as a fresh candidate with our struggle and toil. We almost won the seat for her as she pulled 47.00% with Akandoh pulling 51.91% in percentages but in nominals terms with differences of 1629( One thousand Six hundred and twenty nine) but in 2020 due to the intense division created in the party, the difference in percentages were: Akandoh -53.10% where Martha depreciated to 45:70 with nominal differences of 3105 votes.

The President’s votes decrease in our Constituency in 2020 polls as compared to 2016 due to her inability to share items given to her to be distributed to the party’s grassroots. The differences in votes for 2016 was just 4985 votes but in 2020 it went up to 7075.

Immediately after the general elections, all the leading Campaign team members of Chief Martha, have all bought new cars.

Women are known to be caring and loving but with her, it’s rather the other way round. During the heat of the Campaign a former DCE was at her residency to deliver an important message to her but was told she was sleeping and when sleeps no one wakes her up until 10am.

In conclusion, we are appealing to H E President of the Republic Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo not to appoint such a character into our enviable and result- oriented governance rather we need: selfless, Competent and hardworking people to serve God and Country.


Spoke Persons

Sampson Tano

Mohammed Alhassan

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