Chairman Mac Manu has shown true leadership and deserves to be commended


Leadership is the cause, everything else is effect. Chairman Peter Mac Manu has led the NPP as Campaign Manager for two successful electoral victories.

Yes, he did so even at the expense of his life when he got struck by Covid-19 in the course of his party duty. He ensured robust systems were set up to collate election results. Personally, he got involved in providing training to the NPP parliamentary candidates, party executives and agents.

Again, when JM challenged the validity of Nana Addo’s 2020 victory, he stands up as a campaign manager and had the power of attorney to defend Nana Addo’s victory.

Today, the supreme court has affirmed Nana Addo’s victory.

You have done a great job daddy and you are indeed an asset to NPP and Ghana.

NPP is proud of you.

#Asempa Y3 Short



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