Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu’s Achievements, Unprecedented; Suame is Grateful – Suame Youth Forum


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September 2nd,2020

Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu’s Achievements, Unprecedented; Suame is Grateful – Suame Youth Forum

The Executives and entire membership of Suame Youth Forum(SYF), a non-political group which seeks the development of Suame, would like to unequivocally Commend Hon Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu, our enviable Member of Parliament for Suame Constituency for his unprecedented and unmatched achievements in the constituency. These achievements of the able Legislator are seen in infrastructure, ongoing and completed town roads, creation of Suame Municipality and many others. Suame Youth Forum (SYF) acknowledge him to be a kind-hearted and an impartial Legislator who has a genuine and lasting vision towards his Constituents.

First and foremost, we are very confident in the competency of the Hon. Member of Parliament due to the fact that road challenges is a key problem faced by many Constituencies throughout the country. Notwithstanding this countrywide challenge, we in Suame are very fortunate in this regard with the numerous completed roads and most recently Asphalt Overlays being done in our municipality. It takes a Legislator that can lobby for his Constituency to have such monumental benefits.


Again, most vicinities within the Suame Constituency have seen their drainages being constructed (for instance, Abusuakruwa, Agogoso, Maakro town drains,etc) as contractors are on site working assiduously whiles those left have seen facelifts. There are evidential documents showing Contracts signed for most of the roads left to be constructed.

Moreover, the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly has for ages strongly disagreed to the split of Suame from the Metro to form its own Municipal because of the massive benefits like revenue generations and others the Metro gain from Suame, this took the efforts of the indefatigable and development Oriented Legislator Hon Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu for Suame Municipality to be a reality which we are all benefiting from today. This in effect will give Suame the opportunity to also lobby for the national cake and afford opportunity for the people of Suame to carry out their own developmental projects. This will indeed help promote rapid development in the municipality. As if that was not enough, the hardworking MP again lobbied for the building of an ultra modern edifice for the Municipal Assembly to be used as office for which work is ongoing as we speak.

Furthermore, in terms of education infrastructure, our Constituency is second to none because our fact checking has laid the record bare. We have come to the realisation that the Hon. MP has also lobbied for education infrastructure projects in the constituency for which many have been completed. These are some few of the infrastructural projects completed;

  1. Nuru Islamic Basic School (Suame) 6-unit Classroom + head teacher’s office & store

  2. Nuru Islamic School 2-unit Kindergarten block

  3. Methodist Primary School (Suame) 6-unit classroom + head teacher’s office, Library & store

  4. Methodist Basic School (Suame) 2-unit Kindergarten block
    Maakro M/A Primary

  5. School 6-unit classroom + headteacher’s office & store reconstructed after demolition by rainstorm at Maakro.

  6. Maakro M/A Schools 2-unit Kindergarten block

7.Allama Bil Qualam

  1. Islamic School 3-unit block at Kotoko (Suame)
  2. Bremang R/C School 6-unit classroom block + head teacher’s office, Library & store

  3. Bremang R/C 2-unit Kindergarten block

  4. Bremang M/A Basic School 6-unit classroom block + office & store

  5. Bremang M/A 3-unit classroom block

  6. Breman M/A(B) 6 unit classroom block

  7. Breman R/C 8 unit classroom reconstructed

  8. Kronum M/A Primary

  9. School 6-unit classroom block EU-assisted project + head teacher’s office & store

17 Bremang R/C 6-unit classroom block + head teacher’s office, library and store

  1. Maakro M/A School 6-unit classroom block + head teacher’s office, library, staff common room
  2. Kronum M/A school 6-unit classroom block + head teacher’s office, library, staff common room

  3. Kwapra M/A School project (part of Kronum cluster of schools) 6-unit classroom block + head teacher’s office, library and store

  4. Kwapra M/A school (Presby) 6 unit classroom block + headteacher’s office, library and store.

  5. Abusuakruwa M/A school. 6 unit classroom block + headteacher’s office, library and store.

  6. Nkontwoma SDA/ MA school. 6 unit classroom block + head teacher’s office, library and store.

24 Anomangye M/A Basic School 6-unit classroom, headteacher’s office, library and staff room

  1. Anomangye M/A Basic School ‘B’ 6-unit classroom, headteacher’s office. Library and staff room (2nd storey)
  2. Suame Salvation Army/M/A Basic School, 6-unit classroom, headteacher’s office, library/computer room, staff room

  3. Suame Methodist (Middle) M/A Basic school, 6-unit classroom, headteacher’s office, computer room, staff room

  4. St. Joseph’s Basic School 6-unit classroom, headteacher’s office library and staff common room (Adadiem)

  5. NVTI 4 storey complex

  6. Division school, 6-unit block

  7. Suame Presbyterian M/A Basic School 6-Unit block

  8. Maakro M/A Basic School ‘C’

The Hon. MP has exhibited a great interest in the education of his constituents and promoting the development within the constituency has immensely contributed to the road network of the constituency. Our fact checking unveiled some of such projects within the Suame constituency which have been completed under his leadership;

  1. In collaboration with the Department of Urban Roads and constructed the New Suame to Ampabame road
  2. Construction and tarring of Abrepo Junction to Kotoko Embasy Hotel road

  3. In collaboration with the Department of Urban Roads and constructed bitumen-surface road linking New Suame and Socar Gas (Anomangye)

  4. Bitumen-surfacing of Anomangye-Nkwanta-Anomangye road

  5. Facilitated the tarring of some New Suame township roads in collaboration

  6. Lobbied for the dualization of the Maakro-Afrancho section of the Kumasi Offinso road

  7. Facilitated for the construction of the “Akoko Specs” – Abusuakruwa road

  8. Facilitated for the construction of Kronum – Kwapra road

  9. Facilitated the construction of Bremang-UGC-Okess road

  10. Facilitated the construction of Abawa Ruth – Nkontwima road

  11. Lobbied for the construction of Abuohia – Asuofia road

Given the shortness of time we have deliberately omitted talking about health facilities and transformers, street lights, toilet facilities, markets, computers, scholarships to about 800 students and many more that the MP has facilitated.

Finally, aside all these enormous contribution of the profoundly effective and efficient Legislator towards the development of the constituency, the constituents testify to the that fact that he has a genial and amiable relationship with them all, this makes him an impartial leader and role model to many constituents. Even in times where he is on a national duty, and his constituents call on him he respectfully attend to them without giving excuses. This affable and generous nature of the Hon. MP has indeed deepened the ties and genuine love between the constituents and his humble self.

To sum it all up, the Hon. MP Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu has and is still contributing to the development of the constituency. In view of all the above mentioned, we respectfully call on all well meaning Constituents of Suame to support our hardworking legislator for the honour he has bestowed upon us over the years. His achievement record is unmatched, incomparable, unparalleled, peerless and, above all, his love for all can’t be overlooked or exchanged for anything. It is for these and the many other considerations that we call on all well-meaning women and men of Suame constituency to ignore the effusions of the very few people who are driven by selfishness and bloated ego but join ranks and rally support and prayers for the Hon Osei Kyei-Mensah- Bonsu to win a massive and decisive victory for the NPP to continue his good works for Suame, Asanteman and Ghana.

Thank You.


Bernard Kusi

Louis Karikari Appau

Abraham Frimpong




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