RE: NEIP CEO Defy President’s Directive on Lockdown in Ejisu to canvass for votes

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My attention has been drawn to a malicious and slanderous news story that suggest that I have defied the President’s directive on lockdown in the Ejisu constituency.

It must be stated clearly that this statement “NEIP CEO Defy President’s Directive on Lockdown in Ejisu to canvass for votes’’ is false and deliberately concocted to mislead the good people of Ejisu and also to destroy my reputation by people who are afraid and scared of my decision to contest as a member of parliament.

By virtue of my profession i uphold and defend the law of this land and have never considered myself to be above it. I will be the last person to defy the directives of the President, infact close to the past decade I have known and served the President i have respected and obeyed all his directive.

Let me reiterate that the allegations that i met with delegates and promised them money if they vote for me in the upcoming parliamentary primaries is false and a lie. I will never and under condition expose delegates and the good people of Ejisu to contracting the virus. Instead what I have done and will continue to do is to make available more hand sanitizers, nose masks, hand gloves as we join the fight against the virus.

I will like to paraphrase the statement by the President and say that We know how to bring Ejisu back to life. What we do not know is how to bring people back to life. Therefore I have and will not defy the President’s directive.


Stay home and let’s observe the preventive measures of washing our hands with soap under running water, social distancing and using alcohol based hand sanitizers.

Lawyer John Kumah
CEO National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plan
NPP Parliamentary Candidate Ejisu.


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