Covid-19: Government should provide names of affected people, not Lockdown.

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30th March 2020

Covid-19: Government should provide names of affected people, not Lockdown.

LIVESTREAMING: President Akufo-Addo presents last SONA after 4 years

The president of the republic of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo on Friday 27th March 2020 announced the lockdown of the Greater Accra metropolis, Greater Kumasi Area, Obuasi and Kasoa for two weeks due to the Covid-19 scare, which is not the solution to the crisis.

I think it is time to educate people to understand how deadly the situation is.

The President through Ghana Medical Association must publish names of affected patients, so people can check from the list, for early quarantine and test to stop the spread.

It is contagious but not shameful to identity affected affected once.

Government must also expand the testing territory and provide more testing kits for regular nad mass testing so everyone can know his/her status.

We are struggling because the relationship between stakeholders in Orthodox and herbalists is not cordial.

If government will resource them equally without one under other, it will help issues like this.

Secondary, the socioeconomy of Ghana can not guarantee the lockdown in that proactive and pragmatic measures rather need to be implemented to avert the menace of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Upon numerous calls from institutions like Ghana medical associations and some Ghanaians, the president finally fixed date, time for lock down (l. d.)

Is l. d. The solution to fast spreading of the Corona virus?

What can we do to stop the spread?

What will be the lives of Ghanaians and the economy before, within and after the two weeks lockdown?

Can we stay in for two weeks per our socioeconomic cultural? imagine Tema, Accra and kumasi without food vendors.

Already 5 died from covit 19, from this l. d. Don’t you think food and thirsty can kill us more than covit19?

Lock down (l. d.) burden or relief?

After we have successfully imported the virus into the country, if we don’t take care, same measures to stop the virus will fast spread the virus.

Upon a research, about millions of people are leaving these mentioned areas to their various villages and town with no guarantee of their coronavirus status to mixup with these innocent home based people.

Do we know what they will take there?

What about if they are already affected?

I think we are creating a situation that we can not handle in the next weeks as a country.

Feather more, talking about our security, it is not going to be police per number ratio, but rather police per area.

Is our police up to the task, because criminals may take advantage to loot shops, knowing very well that workers and owners will not be presence.

Thank You.


Independent Presidential Aspirant

Onipayede Ossom Teye


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