Delegates Roots for Dr Tina Abrefa-Gyan as the next Paliamentary Candidate for Wenchi

Hundreds of delegates of the New Patriotic Party in the Wenchi Constituency have declared their readiness to vote massively for an aspiring paliamentary candidate of the party, Dr Tina Abrefa-Gyan to be the next paliamentary candidate for 2020 general elections

They stressed that looking at the track records, ideology, leadership quality and principles of the five aspiring candidates who are contesting the slot, they believed that Dr Tina Abrefa-Gyan has what it takes to win the political power and maximise more votes for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in 2020 general elections.

According to them, Tina Abrefa Gyan has the widest cross-party appeal of all aspirants and that she can heal the wounds and draw all the disgruntled sym-pathisers, supporters and members, particularly the floating voters back to table.

“All the aspiring candidates are qualified to be our next member of Paliament for Wenchi but Tina Abrefa-Gyan is more qualify to lead the team to win the general elections in 2020.

According to them, the party at this stage need the floating voters in Wenchi to win more votes in 2020, adding that ” Nana Adoufua” is charismatic and that she will deliver the floating votes.

They have asked other party delegates to consider a candidate with a proven track record when electing the party’s parliamentary candidate on April 25.

They urged delegates to vote for a candidate that will unite party members and seek the welfare of Ghanaians and appealed to delegates not sell their votes for a pittance

“You may stock your room with the money you’ve been given or stock your room with bags of rice given to you by some individuals to vote for a particular candidate but the items will not last forever. “You will then call the person on phone and he will pretend as if he does not know you and drop the line on you. So vote wisely, vote Dr Tina Abrefa-Gyan to bring you jobs, food security, universal affordable healthcare, and policies that would improve your living condition,” they urged.




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