Don’t Repeat 2008 Mistake In Tain – Group To NPP

Press Release


Ladies and gentlemen from the media (both print and electronic) good morning.

We deem it a great pleasure to call on you this day as a matter of urgency to carry our message to everybody who matters in Tain politics and its development. We have gathered here as Concerned Members of NPP in Tain Constituency. Our issues are simple and straight forward.

We would like to start by asking why Tain constituency wasn’t allowed to ballot on the day of vetting? Members and supporters of the party are sensing something dangerous which is supposed to have been in the electoral archives of the constituency where a decision taken by the leadership of the party took the party in Tain into a political ditch in the year 2008.

  1. We want to state emphatically that, NPP supporters of the party in Tain Constituency do not want the happenings of 2008 to repeat itself in this year’s elections. In the year 2008, Hon. Joe Danquah and Dr. Richard Obour were to contest for the parliamentary slot in Tain. It was later on decided by the leadership of the party to acclaim Hon. Joe Danquah unopposed. We saw the repercussion on the party in Tain, the incident which led to our lost of the seat to Hon. Ahmed Ibrahim.

  2. We want to appeal to the hierarchy of the party and all stakeholders who matter in Tain politics not to deny any of the three (3) aspirants the opportunity to contest the primaries. We would like to remind the Bono Regional chairman, Mr. Kwame Baffoe Abronye of his recent words and assurance that ‘’no aspirant would be denied the opportunity to contest and no incumbent MP under his watch would go unopposed”. This we agree will grease the democratic wheels of the party and shall also promote unity after the primaries for victory in the 2020 general election.

  3. Again, we want to state that: The Delegates must be allowed to franchise their democratic right by deciding who leads the party and who they think can win the seat for them in 2020. That right to decide is solely for the delegate that is why they were elected to serve that purpose in all constituencies across the country. We are therefore appealing to the national leadership to allow the exercise of the right and mandate of the delegate.

  4. The parliamentary seat of Tain constituency is not for the NDC as perceived by many. The electoral history holds that, anytime NDC takes over the seat from NPP, it is as a result of a bad taken by the leadership with the intention of securing the seat for Tain. The one term mantra will be a thing of the past if the leadership allows the party structures to work.

Ladies and gentlemen, we, members and supporters of this great party call on the executives of the party at all levels to allow all three (3) aspirants to contest the primaries since they have duly filed their nominations. Whoever the delegates decide on as our candidate for the 2020 general elections, we shall rally behind and support that candidate to win the seat in the upcoming general elections.

The repercussion of the party trying to protect one aspirant to the detriment of others may not yield good result for the party since we in Tain have had experiences of such decisions which went against the party.

Thank you.

1.Ibrahim Mohammed: 0249171748

2.Acheampong Wiafe: 0559515028

  1. Elijah Asamoah: 0246488252

4.Mensah Frimpong: 0247108438. Frimpong

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