Ahafo Ano South West: “My Good Works Would Campaign For me” – Hon Johnson Kwaku Adu


Ahafo Ano South West: “My Good Works Would Campaign For me” – Hon Johnson Kwaku Adu

The member of Parliament for the good people of Ahafo Ano South West Constituency submitted his nomination forms to contest for the third time on the ticket of the NPP today, the MP who is affectionately described by his constituents as AFFABLE, FRIENDLY AND ACCESSIBLE submitted his forms with the full support of the entire party executives (constituency, electoral area and polling station executives).
Addressing the people around he mentioned that it’s very important to do a clean campaign throughout this period.

“It’s very important to note that this is an elephant game and it shouldn’t end up tearing each other apart, the biggest battle ahead is December 2020 not April 2020, let’s all do a decent campaign devoid of name calling and personal attacks for all would be needed for a resounding victory come December 7th” he stressed.

The calm and respectful Member of Parliament was optimistic that he will be victorious come April 25th.

“It’s all about service, if you want to lead you must serve, the elections is about who the delegates knows best, can represent the party and whom the grassroots can confined in. by the grace of God i have lived well with the delegates and grassroots and trust they shall once again give me their maximum support to serve ” he emphasised .

Speaking with some of the delegates present who couldn’t hide their joy they were resolute in their decision to maintain their MP sighting some of his achievements including securing employment opportunities for over sixty people, securing GETfund scholarship for over seventy people, donating hundred of both hairdryers and sewing machines for artisans among others.





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