Npp Primaries 2020:The Reality On the ground of Bibiani Anhwiaso-Bekwai Constituency


Fact On grounds

Hon. Kingsley Aboagye Gyedu cannot win primaries if Alfred Obeng Boateng contests.
Should Alfred Obeng Boateng decide not to contest the MP at all or contest but not on the ticket of NPP, NPP will lose both presidential and parliamentary race in the constituency.
If Alfred Obeng Boateng contests on the ticket of NDC he will win and NDC will win the presidential race in the constituency.
If Alfred Obeng Boateng contests as independent candidate, automatically NPP will lose but Alfred Obeng Boateng may struggle to win. However, in this case NPP will lose the presidential race in the constituency.
Reasons for the above scenarios
Hon. Christopher Addai was NPP sitting MP who first won the seat for NPP after Hon. Seidu Adamu had served 2 terms.

Two years before 2012 election, Kingsley Aboagye Gyedu went round the constituency and told them that Hon. Christopher Addai was not the only educated person from Bibiani-Anhwiaso-Bekwai Constituency to be given the opportunity to serve as MP for more than two terms (8 years) so he should be rejected at both primaries and the General election. The electorates bought his message and Hon. Christopher Addai decided not to contest again.
Hon. Gyedu own 8 years convection set up is what is making him unpopular together with his non performance, vindictiveness and his selfishness nature.
Mr Alfred Obeng Boateng has been helpful to the people of Sefwi and Western Region as a whole. He made his people belief that he was in government because of them and his actions and inactions support that. He humbles himself before the chiefs and the elders of the community so they really love him.
He relates well with the youth and because of his publication he is highly respected and popular prior to his appointment as MD of BOST.
He was trying to do a few projects in the community whilst in office and suddenly he was removed. That had also won him a lot of sympathy. NDC has also been sensitising Western Region particularly the northern part that the only CEO who was helping them had been sacked for no wrongdoing, hence President Akuffo-Addo does not like them.
Another quality is that Alfred Obeng Boateng knows how to talk and able to pull crowd so no wonder the youth are following him.
His heavy support to the party as mentioned on Oman FM by Kennedy Agyapong and the mode of his removal from office is a worry to many people particularly the Western North people. This is the least we can say.
Mr. Alfred Obeng Boateng supported Hon. Kingsley Aboagye Gyedu in 2016 both in cash and kind so the community sees Gyedu as highly ungrateful person to turn round calling Alfred Obeng Boateng as thief.
Advice to NPP
The NPP leadership and government should look at that constituency as soon as possible otherwise the likelihood of the party losing all the seats in that new region to be created is very high.
The leadership should also engage Alfred Obeng Boateng and tell him something because his unfair treatment is gradually driving businessmen to the major opposition party, NDC because people keep saying if he had helped NDC with a fraction of his contribution to NPP, they wouldn’t have damped him afterwards.

source:Kantinka De Beat fm


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