Asante Akyem North: “Beware of the scamming strategies of Andy Appiah Kubi” – Patriot caution delegates


Members of Parliament are elected by the people with the firm conviction that they can be trusted; the reason they are called “Honourable”. However, some of these MPs through their deeds have proven themselves unworthy of this title and must therefore be stripped of it.


Hon. Andy Appiah Kubi, MP for Asante Akyem North Constituency presented himself as a ‘Messiah’ wielding the magic wand that could turn the woes of the people into fortunes. He promised Heaven on earth and better conditions, jobs, scholarships and factories. Against the backdrop of 1D1F, Andy Appiah Kubi promised to build four factories in Asante Akyem North Constituency when giving the nod. Everybody was happy when he eventually won with the hope that he would fulfill his promises. Soon after his victory, Andy Appiah Kubi entirely forgot not only his promises, but also forgot the constituents he made the promises to.

In the initial stages of his tenure, he cut sods for several construction works including the Amantenaman cassava factory, Water melon and plantain chips factories at Agogo, a wind mill at the Afram plains et al . He even at a town hall meeting with the Chiefs and people of Asante Akyem North introduced a certain expatriate who he claimed was in to turn all our refuse into renewable energy. Little did we know that all these were confident trickster’s scams intended to decieve and steal the heart, trust and confidence of the people. None of these projects as we speak has seen the light of day. The sites where those sods were cut have turned into deciduous forests and farmlands. The scars of despondency, scars of disappointment and frustration on the faces of the good people of Asante Akyem North as a result of the deceptive antics of Andy Appiah Kubi are crystal clear and very telling. There is now a widening chasm between this failure, self-serving MP and the good people who queued in the sun to give him their mandate.

Surprisingly, after neglecting the people, the scammer is back with the same old deceptive and obnoxious gymnastics of sod-cutting; Parliamentary primaries are just two months away so he is out to catch votes from the very people whose needs he’s failed for the past three years. Recently, and within a space of one week, Andy Appiah Kubi has cut sod for the construction of a teacher’s bungalow at Efirisere, Polyclinic at Juansa, Nurses quarters at Akutuase and a 6-unit classroom block at Agogo Zongo. All of which are estimated to be completed in the next 4 months. Ridiculous of them all was the sod-cutting ceremony for the construction of a full fledged Sports stadium to be sited at Agogo which according to the MP is slated to start immediately and its expected to be completed within 6 months. Meanwhile, the MP is unable to provide the design of the stadium, the cost involved and the consultant who has been contracted to supervise the project.

The point must be made that, What ever we have done in the past has created our present; it is the blue print of what we will do. Indeed, a decorated donkey remains an ass. What happened to all the projects he cut sod for few days after he took office? What happened to the cassava factory, the watermelon factory, the wind mill and military base? After those colourful sod-cutting ceremonies accompanied by drumming, dancing and funfair, what became of the projects? They never took off. It’s sad how he feels he can fool the people all of the time. Even China and America with all the finest of engineers and contractors cannot build a stadium in 6 months. It therefore stands to reason that this current sod-cutting ceremonies are the usual blackmail and scams he’s always inflicted on the people. However, the people are now wide awake and have seen through his deceptions. There has not been any significant development in the constituency under his reign. The people want a Member of Parliament who would reflect their concerns and plights in Parliament. Andy Appiah Kubi has lost focus on the people he is supposed to serve. The people need a leader who is committed and willing to work closely with everybody to bring socio-economic development to the constituency. The future is very bleak under Andy Appiah Kubi’s poor, deceptive leadership.

Only real change can make Asante Akyem North great again. That must involve kicking out Andy Appiah Kubi in the impending Parliamentary primaries on 25th April, 2020.

The ineptitude, corruption and deceit has already gone on for far too long.

Patriot Godwin
Patriots, Asante Akyem North Constituency



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