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Fellow Constituents , senior Kukroites, brothers and sisters, it’s always important to note that every leader ought to account for his or her stewardship in due time and as it has always been the case I have always accounted to you through several media within the seven years you untrusted me with your power to serve as your parliamentarian but it’s yet another day to carry on with another call to account, fellow constituents, for the purpose of fact and evidence I have categorized what we have been able to achieve under the following thematic areas

Education, Infrastructure, Water and Sanitation, Health,Employment, Entrepreneurship and Human Resource Development, Religious, Political Stability and Social services, Agriculture and Youth and Sports.

1. Construction of six unit classroom block at barniekrom and Kunsu Dotiem.
2. Construction of Mankranso SHS fence wall.
3. Donating gh10,000 to the District Education Office for car maintenance and fuel for supervision
4. Construction of KG blocks at Kunsu, Wioso, Domiabra, and Bosukrom.
5. Donating gh5,000 to support Bonkron school project
6. Distributing 400 mono desk to mankranso S.H.S, Mankranso primary B and Mpasaso II respectively
7. Securing GETfund Scholarship for 80 student’s to further their education within the last three years
8. Lobbied for thirteen (13) communities to get school feeding.
9. Renovation of MpasasoII JHS school.
10. Construction of three unit classroom block at Abodease
11. Spent over Hundred thousands Ghana cedis on the payment of school fees for various category of students
12. Securing admission for over sixty applicants into various nursing training institutions.
13. Donating thousand bags of cement for the construction of MpasasoII community SHS.
14. Initiated the construction of teachers quarters at Dunyan Nkwanta Kunsu Camp
15. Renovation of 4-Unit classroom blocks in the following communities MpasasoI, Domeabra,Kunsu, and Wioso respectively
16. Provision of over ten thousand exercise books to pupils.
17. Supply of over 500 bags of cements,several packets of roofing
sheets to various schools and several trips of sands to various schools including Ango, Duyankwanta etc.
18. Distributing 120 Dual Desk to the following communities, Nyameadom, Barniekrom, Ango and Achiase respectfully
19. Provision of 16 computers to schools such as Boakrom, Afresini among others
20. Distribution of 13,000 reading books to pupils from class one to six across the district.
21. Distribution of 1,200 mathematical set to final year students across the constituency
Fellow constituents, the list can go on and on and we may not get ample time to attend to other sector’s but let me hasten to add that it’s not out of nothing that my colleagues Law makers call me GETfund manager because aside the numerous scholarships secured for some students within the constituency to get twelve (12) GETfund projects of 6-Unit ,4-unit and 3-Unit classroom blocks within six months is not an easy task but with God on our side it’s now a reality and construction of the classrooms blocks have commenced at the various beneficiary communities namely
1. Domeabra
2. Manhyia
3. Adeambra
4. Bonsukrom
5. Kunsu
6. Wioso
7. Agyeibikrom
8. Mankranso(2)
10. Barniekrom
11.Kunsu Dotiem
with most at the various completion stages.

Together with your support brothers and sisters, I have been able to;
1. Construction of KVIP toilets at BonkwasoII, Nyameadom and Korase.
2.Lobbied for the construction of water closest toilets at Mankranso, Wioso and Domiabra.
3. Construction of mechanized small water system at Asuokor, Bonkwaso1, Hwibaa and MpasasoII.
4. Construction of boreholes at Aauokor old town and Oseikrom
5. Construction of hand- dug well at mehame-Bonsukrom, Kwabenakontokrom, Mankranso Zongo behind the teak plantation.
6. Construction of market shed at BonkwasoI, Mpasaso I and Achiase.
7. Distribution of 1,100 bags of cement to 33 communities for renovation of schools, market, toilets and police stations etc.
8. Periodic reshaping of feeder roads in the constituency
9. Donation of 100 bags of cement for the construction of Kunsu Police Stations.
10. Renovation of 20 seaters KVIP toilet at Wioso.
11. Payment of counterpart fund for construction of borehole at Akwasimarfokrom.
12. Lobbied for a treatment water facility at Domeabra among others.
13. Lobbied for 70 communities to be connected to the National grid through the rural electrification project
14. Dual streetlight system at Mpasaso I from the MP common find and that’s the first oof it’s kind driving from sofoline to the last last community in the district brothers and sisters.
15. Lobbied for the construction of 19.6 bitumen surfacingfrom Wioso to Mpasaso II
20. Donating ghc19,500 to support the building of Kunsu police station

Health they say is wealth and it’s therefore imperative to know that I have spend enough resources to achieve the following,
1. Construction of 50 bed capacity children ward at Mankranso Government Hospital
2. Donating gh27,834 to Mankranso Government Hospital for renovation.
3. Free eye screening for over 6000 people in 13 communities.
4. Free registration of NHIA cards for hundreds of people in the constituency.
5. Donation of 40 bags of cement to support the construction of Adadekrom CHIP compound.
6. Free surgical operation for 67 eye patients in the constituency at Akonfo Anokye Teaching Hospital founded by the MP.
7. Construction of Mechanized borehole for MpasasoI health centre.
8. Sponsoring the training of personal and establishment of eye centre at Mankranso government hospital.
9. Free distribution of drugs to hospitals and health centres in the constituency.
10. Payment of hospital bills for several patient under the MP health care foundation
12. Initiated the construction of CHIP compound in the following communities
I. Dunyan Nkwanta
II. Ny3hwee
13. Distribution of drugs worth thousands of cedis to the District Health Directorate
14. Donating ghc7,000 to mankranso government hospital for the rolling of the OPD floor
15. Procurement of eye equipment for mankranso government hospital

1. Training of over 20,000 females to acquire to acquire twelve (12) different employable skills in soap making, floor making, etc across the constituency.
2. Provision of hairdryers to hairdressers
3. Supply of corn Miller to communities like Bronikrom, 3hiamankwa, Sikafremogya and Morobem to generate revenue for the communities and employ some of the youth to work on it.
4. Lobbied for over 25 teachers to be recruited onto GES in both limited teacher’s recruitment and the double track SHS teachers
5. Lobbied for at least two people to be recruited onto the Local Government Service in their recent recruitment.
6. Lobbied for twelve people to be recruited into the security servicesrespectively.
7. Supply of forty industrial machines, two knitting machines and hundred hair dryers to various artisans within the district

1. Distribution of metal and plastic chairs to the following traditional bodies,churches and groups
I. 20 metal chairs at Domeabra
II. 15 metal chairs to mankranso palace
III. 15 plastic chairs to Besease palace
IV. 10 plastic chairs to Kunsu artisans
2. Donating ghc5,000 to Mankranso Mosque
3. Purchase of hundreds of ceiling fans to various churches and mosques within the constituency
4. Distribution of 400 pieces of clothes to widows across the constituency
5. Purchase of ten wheel chairs for physical challenge persons
6. Distribution of 5kg rice, cartons of oil, tuna and marketed to two thousand four hundred and ten widows (2,410) across the constituency in the the 2013, 2105 and 2107 respectively
7. Relief items to disaster victims at Nyameadom, Kroase, and Duyamnkwanta
8. Purchase of Mats for Hwibaa Krofro mosque
9. 100 bags of cement to Christ Apostolic Church, Mankranso
10. 100 bags of cement to Kunsu Roman Catholic Church
11. 30 bags of cement to Mankranso Church of Pentecost
12. Purchase of generator, Amplifier and horns to Anitimfe Mosque
13. 20 bags of cement to Barniekrom Muslim community

1. Provision of cocoa spraying machines to 25 communities
2. Provision of thousands cartons of weedicides and insecticides to section of crop farmers
3. Provision of technical advice to section of citrus farmers by results persons at a cost footed by the MP
4. Re-shaping of farming community roads annually to help easy transportation of farm goods
5. Provision of knapsack spraying machines to farmers among others

The youth are the future leaders of our country and their overall development is paramount to every leader, it’s therefore important to note that we have together been able to,
1. Regrade the Kunsu town park
2. Provide 280 sets of jersey and 230 soccer balls to various schools and community teams
3. Consistent support GES District sports competition
4. Consistent support teachers GALA competition on the district
5. Sponsoring a football from Awadu for his justifies outside the country. Just to mention but few

Fellow constituents, as your legislator I am much aware of the enormous challenges facing the constituents, but it will however not be out of context taking into accounts the aforementioned success story that we have all achieved within this shortest possible time that WE HAVE PERFORMED BETTER.




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