Patriotism is supporting your country all the time and your government when it deserves it. -Mark Twain

Technical University Teachers of Ghana (TUTAG) has been on a strike for almost a month now over their quest to enjoy better conditions of service by the government leading to students being stranded for all these weeks, one would ask why don’t government just give in to their request so they get back to the lecture halls which I think even most Ghanaians are asking but what we shouldn’t overlook is government’s efforts to remedy this situation.

As a listening government, led by a listening president, through the Hon. Minister for employment and labour relations made the association aware that, government really takes their concerns seriously and for that matter has put measures in place to pay them entertainment and responsibility allowance, so they should rescind their decision and go back to work for government would in no time meet all their demands.
The response of TUTAG comes as a shock as they turn down the plea of government and continues with the strike, I personally wonder why TUTAG has allowed it’s association to be manipulated by the opposition to this extent, when the president of the Vice Chancellors of Technical Universities of Ghana(VCTU-U), Rev. Prof. John Ehun was on Joy news pleading with TUTAG to call off the strike, for their absence had taken a toll on academic performance, we had a whole ranking member of Parliament’s education committee, Peter Nortsu Ketoe commending TUTAG for their actions and urging them to continue and I quote his words “be tough on government until your demands are met.
TUTAG had the opportunity to choose between the words of these men and it heeded to what I describe as “omanbofour” statement by the man of the opposition without having any compassion for their students.

Listening to the president of TUTAG, Mr. Solomon Keelson speak on this strike issue, I felt very sorry for our motherland Ghana and I kept asking myself if we were to have people like this as presidents in every association, would the country ever develop? I could understand from the man’s speech even before the meeting with government that their minds were made up to resist whatever government proposes even before they got to the table.

I wonder why people will forgo their integrity, put the love of their country aside and be driven by something small the opposition party gives them and do everything in their power to drag the government of the day in the mud.

I always say that nation building is a collective responsibility and we all should play our parts well, in this case, the government has done something by promising TUTAG some allowances and is again looking forward to putting a lasting solution to their quest and I ask myself, what is TUTAG also doing here to help their students and Ghana as whole in this situation.

Below is the evidence

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