It is a high time Ghanaians stop to do every little pin on political base because it is not improving the well-being of the people of Ghana.

Speaking in an interview, Katrina Cuodjoe known as “Keymama” the public relations officer (PRO) of the Ga Adangbe council of New York in the United State of America (USA), disclosed that the council saw the need to support their colleagues

Ghanaians who are in the hospitals by sending a full container of wheeling chairs, sitters, hospital beds and many more.

She continued that, last year they offered this same help by paying a huge amount of money but this time round they sent documents to some departments in Ghana to support in shipping those items but it is unfortunate that some departments signed remaining the finance minister.
She added that,they have received a letter saying those items are abandoned items but she is saying they are not, they did contributions in getting those items to help the country.

She indicated that, the documents lied on the table of the minister for a month now and the items are getting spoiled and if the minister does not signed the documents, it will be sent to other places living Ghana.

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“Let’s put that tradition of politics aside and do what is right” she said.
She concluded by advising the minister to do some because the people in such situations are suffering and needs those items.

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Source : flyfmghana.com

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