Hon Hadji mustaphar write ..…….✍🏽

The NPP and Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo’s government have been formed on ethnic affiliations, and there is no two ways about that.

The NPP party is simply an assembly of ethnic , family, friends and cronies who does not care about the plight of the citizenry.

Under their regime, we have discovered that contracts , jobs and appointments are being given out to cronies and friends, without going via the standardized procedures, resulting in multiple procurements breeches.

The presidents agenda failed due to the family and friends appointments he made during the early stages of governance.

The principle of family , friends and cronies to run the government epitomised conflict of interest, and the results are there for us to attest to.

In Ghana today the regime of President Akufo Addo is failing big time but the Christian, peace council including some seasoned journalist are all mute because their tribe’s son is governing and favouring them at the expense of the ordinary man on the street.

It appears they have won a jack port where many of them have gained juicy appointment’s as ministers , ambassadors and board members, and taken fat and bounty remuneration.

Whilst Others are taken salaries for keeping quiet over the mess being created by the government, some are also taken salaries for defending the indefensible amidst glaring thievery.

All these are happening today in Ghana under the guise of democracy, and
Creating offices that does not exist in anyway. Sad to note that, they appoint cronies, family and friends to occupy these sensitive areas in government just to satisfy their parochial interest.

The corruption , nepotism and self centered leadership must stop since the country cannot contain it any longer.

The government must take us serious, rather than to engage in the so called needless politicisation of every institution in this country.

Painstakingly, naming every institution after their founding fathers has become the order of the day.

They have never built any infrastructure but renaming them after their political traditions who achieved nothing for the country.

Ghana my beloved country is on life support, and the hour of rescue, is now or never.

Am a citizen not spectator.


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