I humbly write …………✍🏽From my small conner and Hon Hadji mustaphar is the name i respond to.

Dome constituency of NDC is now in the hands of 4 headsmen
Namely; chairman lamptey
Clifford Awoah : communication officer
Anthony Amesse Deputy communication
And mame brago : woman organizer

I will be straight forward and honest as usual as always, without fear or favor.

Right thinking members in the constituency have no time for jokers and stomach politicians in the Dome Kwabenya politics, which is gradually turning into an era of Hippocrates and greedy tribesmen.


The development is more damming to say the least where the above mention jokers have lost their honour and integrity to lead the good people of kwabenya constituency of the NDC.

I hate and despise people who are afraid to speak their minds or the truth even as the constituency is fast dividing into various camps under the so called leadership of chairman lamtey.
Discrimination, tribalism and dishonesty have become part of our policy direction.

I feel very demoralized as a son of the soil, that Dome kwabenya has been reduced to a mere comedy hub, and giving room for any shallow minded personality to lead such as an August politically savvy environment, as Kwabenya.

I beg to ask, what is the current communication officer and his deputy doing since they were elected into office in the constituency to serve the people.

For Mame Ama brago this is never a personal attack, but a wake up call and caution to you in all sincerity but
Some of us are very much prepared to take you on by the existing laws of our great party and even pursue further to the Law court to get you to work or resign the position you occupied for failure of offering bad leadership at the women’s wing.

As sad as it may sound, many of you epitomized as statue and impediment in the path of our victory in 2020 elections, due to your pride and greed without considering the interest of the party as a whole.

Mame brago : we need your inclusiveness in the activities of the women’s affairs rather than wearing of short and mini skirt, and displaying your ignorance to the people of the Constituents.

Chairman Lamtey : I keep saying your position as the current chairman is the worse thing that has ever happen to Dome kwabenya constituency, and I owe you no apology to that effect.

The chairman has the gust to call queried and threaten a lady’s father who wrote a petition against a particular candidate 😱 Ho! My God what is this clueless chairman up to ?

Today, we are witnessing a chairman who is openly displaying exiting crass incompetence by endorsing a candidate of his choice just because he is from the same tribe with him. Isn’t that laughable!

I once said the chairman lacks emotional intelligence and since then, it has been manifested in broad day light.
The chairman keep boasting that he was elected and can’t be impeach till he finished his 4 years tenure, but let me use this opportunity to sound a word of caution to him and his surrogates that TIME WILL TELL , and also posterity will decide.

I am pleading with the leadership of the party to please call the chairman with his 3 headsmen to obey the party structures and the laid down proceeding’s for the parliamentary primaries or face our wrath with alacrity.

War unto them if they refuse to hear to this warning just remember the voice of the people is the voice of God



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