Counselor Lutterodt is filled with evil spirits – Evangelist Papa Shee reveals

If there’s anyone in this country who has enjoyed a love-hate relationship from Ghanaians, then it’s no other person than Rev. Counselor Cyril George Carstensen Lutterodt.

His relationship tips make many shiver. Perhaps reason why Ghanaians see him to be the most controversial public speaker. Arguably, his heart bleeds whenever the rules of relationships seem to have been broken from his far end.

Nonetheless, Evangelist Papa Shee thinks otherwise as he feels it takes someone who’s in possession of evil spirits to voice out the kind of weird stuff put forth by Counsellor Lutterodt on daily basis.

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According to the Papa Shee who had an altercation with the Counselor via a phone call, during a radio show, Lutterodt is undoubtedly possessed. Therefore, he vowed to deliver him whenever the two will have an encounter.

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