Hon Hadji mustaphar: writes:_

The political trend of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) today, is reaping us part.

H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo is a well known rights activist for more than a decade but since he becomes the president of the republic of Ghana, he has become a divider and chief.

He is the worse human right practitioner of our time.

He skips out escape goats demonize his political opponents and holds up journalist as the source of the country problems.

These disunity has weaken and cost us to loose credibility in the face of the international community.

This is not who we are us Ghanaians beacon of hope for Africa.

Before this Administration, we were bond together as Ghanaians with the sense of patriotism and unity.
These made as the beacon of hope and gate way to Africa.

Ghanaians are unique people , together we are bigger and stronger than any tyrant or dictator.

This always gives hope to the dying ,the poor and the weak.

Our constitution gives room for equal opportunity and responsibilities.

These made us who we used to be but all is fast sinking.

We will always be at our best when we act as one people with a common goal ( Development ).

The nation has to come together, democracy must not kill our sense of patriotism , thinking and unity.

We must always remember to vote out leaders who will want to divide and rule as.

We politicians are fast loosing power and the confidence we use to enjoy from the people by the people to the people.

My prayer was a change for the best not the worse.

The poor , youth and the weak are living without hope. Indiscipline, corruption and cronyism has taken the centre stage in our politics.

Citizens are living in poverty, fear , panic and over all insecurity whiles our politicians ride big cars to gargantuan parties and functions at the expense of the citizens.

I call on my youth to discard any politician who will entice them with money or gifts for they have taken as for granted for long and will continue to take as for granted until we change the dynamics.

We are the hope for better tomorrow and we must be vigilant for the power is our thumb.

I am just being a citizen not a spectator.

God bless our home land Ghana.


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